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9 sq ft = 1 sq yd; 9 x 1.65 = 14.85 per sq yd

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Q: If carpet is 1.65 per square foot how much is it a square yard?
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If carpet costs 5.99 a square foot how much would it be per square yard?

$53.91 per square yard. That's pretty expensive carpet...........

If your carpet costs 52.00 per square foot how much does it cost per square yard?

cost of per square yard will be 468.00.

Carpet stain protector costs 0.65 per square yard to apply How much will it cost to apply the protectant to a 16foot 18foot carpet?

1 yard = 3 foot so 16 foot by 18 foot = 51/3 x 6 yard carpet 51/3 x 6 = 32 square yards of carpet. At 0.65 per square yard this is 0.65 x 20.80 per square yard.

If carpet is 34 a square yard how much is it in square feet?

There are 9 square feet in a square yard, so 34 divided by 9 is $3.78 a square foot.

If carpet is 11.26 per sq yard and the carpet is 12' width how much is it per lineal foot?

Every 9 inches of a roll with a 12-foot width is a square yard. This means every lineal or running foot of 12-foot wide carpet is 1 1/3 square yards of carpet. If carpet is $11.26 per square yard, a running foot of our carpet on the roll would cost about $15. The actual answer is $15 and 1 & 1/3 cents a lineal foot.

If your carpet is 30.98 a square yard how much per square foot?

There are 9 square feet in a square yard, so divide the price per square yard by 9. 30.98/9=3.44222222222

How much is carpet per square foot if it is 22 per square yard?

22/9 = 2.44... per sq ft.

If your carpet costs 11.69 per square yard how much does it cost per square foot?

There are 9 square feet in a square yard. This means to find price per square foot given price per square yard, division by 9 is in order. $11.69 divided by 9 = $1.298888... or about $1.30 per square foot.

How much is carpet per square foot if it is 9.99 per square yard?

1 sq. yard is 9 sq. feet, thus being 9.99 divided by 9.

Do you get charged by square foot or square yard when having carpet installed?

In Europe we all get charged by square meters when having carpet installed. It depends on the store. Not many years ago everyone in the US priced their carpet, pad, and installation by the square yard. Then someone realized they could advertise much lower prices if they changed everything to square feet. Now most flooring is sold by the square foot, but it seems most still install by the square yard (plus a surcharge for steps and odd shapes).

How much does 1 square yard of 28oz carpet weigh?

It depends on the carpet.

Is it illegal to price carpet in square yards?

No. Many stores have went to square foot pricing because it is easier to visualize a square foot and also the square foot price is smaller. Carpet mills still require purchase orders in square yards and is still the standard for which carpet is sold. Home Depot, the leading carpet seller in America prices there carpets in both square yard pricing and square foot.