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It is not essential but can be done for safety. Do not ever give cats products not meant for them like dog or human medication unless prescribed by a proper vet because these can be fatal to cats. And if you do test yourself for worms do not use cat or dog products unless prescribed by a proper doctor. Thankyou.

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It is never safe to give someone medicine without a doctor's advice. I would strongly suggest contacting poison control if this happens.

That said, generally the dose of medicine in a deworming tablet for a cat is pretty small; a typical cat weighs about ten pounds, a typical human fifteen times as much, so a human would need fifteen deworming pills to get the same effect a cat gets from one. However, this is not a good thing to try, even with only one pill; there are medicines, largely harmless to humans, that kill cats, so it is possible that a medicine specific to cats could harm humans.
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Go to the doctor.

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Q: If cat has worms does human need to be treated?
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Can a cat with worms infect a human?

Yes the cat may give the human worms

Can your kitten give your older cat worms?

Yes and no if the older cat has been treated for worms it would not happen but if older cat had not been treated yes it will Hope this help

Cat with worms?

If your cat has worms you need to take he or she to the veterinarian and the cat will either be given a shot or pills or even both.

If a cats licks your mouth can you get worms?

All mammals are born with worms. Therefore, if your animal has NOT been treated for worms, you are susceptible to catch it. If your cat has been treated for worms, you shouldn't have to worry. Dr. J.E. Marks (DVM)

Do cat beds and blankets need to be washed if a cat has worms?


Do Cats have worms?

A cat can die from certain types of worms. Like the heartworm, a cat can die from. But worms around its rear end aren't fatal. It's best if you contact a vet and get it treated so its not going to spread to other cats.

What does it mean when a cat drags it's rear end on floor?

Usaully if it is a dog it is that the anal sacs need to be expressed, or worms or allergies. With cat's I would suspect worms or allergies.

If your cat has worms how many worms do they have?

If you cat has worms, then they have more than one worm. There is not set amount of worms that animals get when they have them.

How can a cat give humans worms?

no, you can not get worms from cats. Those worms are only meant for animals. if the butt worms got out, theres no way it would find its way to a humans especially because they are not interested.

Can a cat with worms infect a clean cat?

A cat with worms can infect a cat that doesn't have worms, so it's best to give both cats (after discussing it with your vet) the worm capsules.

How can you tell when your cat no longer has worms?

If a cat's belly is hard and round, it probably has some type of worms.

How do you spell the word cat desies?

It looks like you are trying to spell cat diseases.An example sentence is "cat diseases need to be treated by a vet".