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Rougly April

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Q: If child was born in January when was it conceived?
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What month you was conceived if you were born September 18?


If baby was born on September 4 2006 when was the child conceived?

It depends whether that was the child's due date or not, but if it was the due date then the child was conceived on roughly December 13th

If your baby was born on October 12 2007 could you have conceived on January 23 or 24?


When was a child conceived if born December 1 2003?

around March 1st 2003

What can happen to a baby whose father is on chemotherapy while the child was conceived?

the child could be possibly be born with birth deficts

How to put conceived in a sentence?

The child was conceived while the couple was on their honeymoon.

In Florida do you have to pay child support for a child that is not biologicaly yours?

You might have to pay child support if you were married to the mother when the child was conceived/born, or if you signed an acknowledgment of paternity.

When did you get pregnant if you had your child on September 18?

You would have conceived around Christmas Day, give or take a few. Babies can be born happy and healthy up to 3 weeks earlier and 2 weeks later than the 'due' date. I conceived my first on January 2nd and he was born on October 4th. Due date was September 23rd.

If ex husband is not the biological father does he have to pay child support?

Yes, if: the child was conceived/born during the marriage; or, he signed an acknowledgment of paternity.

If I was born on Feb 22 when was I conceived?

If I was born on Feb. 22 when was I conceived?

If you conceived in April when is your due date?

About january

If the baby was born April 13 when was the child conceived?

Possible conception dates: July 17 to July 25

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