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Typically, that kind of test is only used to determine whether Strep is present and they won't bother with the other tests. It's possible that they could test for the presence of THC but if nobody is paying for the test, it won't happen.

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How do doctors detect what newborn babies are allergic to?

A doctor would have to draw a small sample of blood and test it.

Can THC be found in urine in a normal check up?

No. Unless the Doctors are specifically looking for marijuana in your system, the answer is no. I thought the same thing when I went for a normal check up & urine sample. But I found out that unless they are looking for marijuana in your system, then it wont be a problem.

Can a company take a urine sample tell you that they are testing for blood sugar and instead test for drugs such as Marijuana?

Yes they can. They can detect lots of other illegal drugs by taking urine samples too.

What do microscopes use instead of light particles to examine a sample?


Can E coli be found in urine sample?

The simple answer...Yes, you can use a urine sample to detect E Coli.

A scientist studying humus would most likely examine a sample of what?


How long will marijuana stay in hair sample?

approximately 3 months

If you are around marijuana smoke will you fail a hair sample test?


How do doctors tell if a newborn baby has drugs in their system?

doctors take a small blood sample at birth

Can you detect chlamydia in your sperm?

Sure, you can detect chlamydia on sperm or in semen, but a urine sample will suffice for diagnosis of urethral chlamydia in men.

If you go to the doctors to check if you have hemmeroids will they take a urine sample?


How do doctors get sperm sample?

They suck you off and collect it in a cup.

If you shave your head will marijuana be detectable in the new hair that grows?

i think there will be trace marijuana in there for awhile, not to mention if they want a hair sample there are a million different places to get a sample of hair from..dont do drugs your better off

What test is used to detect gonorrhea?


Would marijuana show up on a very diluted urine sample?


What is the difference between sample and sampling?

sample is a noun. sampling is a verb. Statistically speaking, a sample is where we gather and examine part of a population. A sampling is where we take the means of samples in order to gather info about the whole...

How long will a sperm sample be viable?

Not long unless kept by doctors.

What do doctors look for in a blood sample for HIV?

They look for the HIV antibodies.

What do doctors look for on a urine sample?

doctors usaully look for something wrong in your kidneys and sometimes stds or other diseases

What is a stool sample?

It is a faeces (poo) sample, which can be used by a biomedical scientist to determine the cause of diarrhoea for instance, or detect the presence of occult (hidden) blood.

How do doctors check your sperm?

When a doctor needs to examine a sperm sample, they will typically give you a cup and an empty room and ask that you masturbate into it, and when you are done to give the sample to a nurse. The sperm sample must be examined within two hours of ejaculation in order to have any use, but the fresher the better. Once the lab has your sample, they will check it for many things, including the total volume of the sperm sample, the number of sperm per ml, the number of sperm that are formed correctly, the number of sperm that swim in an organized manner, the pH of the sample, and a few other criteria. They will then print a report with their findings.

How long can a pee sample detect steriods?

Depends on the steroid - it can be a few weeks or over a year!

How do you examine water for living things?

Normally, a sample of water is put on a microscope slide and examined using the microscope.

What happens to a tissue sample during a biopsy?

The sample is examined under a microscope by a doctor who specializes in the effects of disease on body tissues (a pathologist) to detect any abnormalities.

How far back does a blood test go back testing for marijuana and cocaine?

For blood or urine sample, cocaine is out of your system in about 48hrs, unless they are going to take a hair sample (very unusual). Cannabis (marijuana) however remains detectable for up to 3 months!

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