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Yes. You are responsible to pay off the loan you have on the car so make sure you sell it for at least that much. You can request a payoff amount from your lender.

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2005-11-18 08:39:48
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Q: If financing a car can you sell it?
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How do you get rid of car payments and financing?

Either pay off the car loan in full or sell it.

Is it legal to sell a car without financing out of state for a week then tell you to bring it back?


Is it legal for a dealership to sell a car to someone with only a permit?

it is legal as long as they meet the financing requirements and insurance requirements of the financing. paying cash you bet.

What is car financing?

car financing is basically when u get 10lac car at 2 lacs thry financial institutions

Where can one find current new car loan rates?

Car loan rates are typically found at car dealers, if the dealer or the car company they sell for is offering financing, or at local banks and credit unions.

Where can a person get tips on financing a car loan?

Car loan financing tips can be found form most dealers and banks. Generally car financing like any other financing depends largely on credit score and amount of down payment, if any.

Where can one apply for financing car loans?

There are many places where one can apply for financing car loans. One can apply for financing car loans at popular on the web sources such as Capital One and Bank Rate.

who is the best loan financing company in KY?

Your best bet is to get financing at the dealership you are buying your car at. They are usually flexible and willing to work with you in order to sell the car. If you are buying from a private seller, try your personal bank, as they would be willing to give you leeway as you are already a valued customer.

Does Chrysler offer financing on car purchases?

Chrysler does offer financing for new car purchases online. You can get more information on the financing available online at the official Chrysler website.

How long does a dealer of a used car have to find you financing you have had a car for over 45 days and the dealer keeps saying they are searching for financing?

Why don't you go find your own financing. It is not his responsibility, it is yours. You are the one buying the car.

Can your car be repossed by the car dealership if i was never approved for financing?

You were never approved for financing to buy the car thus you do not own the car and the dealer has the right to his yes they can

Where is it possible to get car loan financing?

There are a number of places that offer car loan financing. Depending on an individual's credit score it can be done through a bank or through a car lot that offers buy here, pay here financing.

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