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It will cost about 1,040 dollars.


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448 miles is the answerheres the computation:$24 - cost for the trip$1.50 per gallon of Gas28 miles per gallon$24/$1.50= 16 gallons16 gallons X 28 miles per gallon = 448 miles

It depends on how much a gallon of gasoline costs you. If you pay $2.75 per gallon, the 2,500 mile trip would cost about $491.07 at 14 mpg.

How much would it cost to drive from Louisville to Tampa if gas costs 1.70 per gallon

2000/10=200; 200 * 3.85 = input it into a calculator Dollars.

So 60 miles to the gallon, and we want to drive 1180 miles total. Divide the total number of miles by how many miles per gallon we get, that'll give us the total number of gallons needed. So 1180/60 = 19.666667 gallons. If gas costs 4.20 dollars per gallon, and we need 19.666667 gallons or approximately 20 gallons, we need 20*4.20 dollars, which is 84 dollars.

Depends on the miles per gallon the vehicle you're driving gets. Divide the miles per gallon the vehicle you're driving gets into 650 and the result will be the number of gallons you need for the trip. Multiply that times $4 and you will have your answer.

579 miles / 15 miles per gallon = 38.6 gallons. 38.6 gallons * 3.79 dollars per gallon = $146.30, just for gasoline. To calculate "cost to drive", you may also need to add a quart of oil or the snacks that you bought when you stopped for gas, or tolls.

Probably under $300 in gasoline costs. Here's how that's figured.You need the driving distance: It's about 1845 miles. You need your vehicle's highway mileage rating. For example, one type of car is rated at 20 mpg; that is, it can travel 20 miles on 1 gallon of gasoline. You need the average cost of gasoline. Let's assume $3.00/gallon.Compute the cost of gasoline for this trip as (distance / mileage) x price. (If distance is in miles, mileage is in miles/gallon, and price is in dollars/gallon, the units cancel as desired, providing an answer in dollars.) For our example, cost = (1845/20) x 3 = 92.25 x 3 = $276.75. When budgeting for a long trip, do include all the other costs, such as engine oil, windshield washer fluid, tolls, meals, and motels. (This trip is about a 26 1/2 hour drive, not counting stops.) And it's a good idea to have something extra or available for emergencies, such as tire repairs.

it all depends on how much a gallon of gas costs in your area.

My old truck gets 11mpg, so I can go 11 miles.

The term mpg is used to mean miles per gallon, in other words, how many miles can a car drive with one gallon of gasoline.

If you get 20 miles per gallon and a gallon of gas costs you $2.75, the cost of gas for the trip will be about $201.44

That all depends - on how many miles per gallon the vehicle does.

You would spend about $2,400 per year if you drive an average 15,000 miles per year at 25 mpg and the price of gas at $4 dollars a gallon.

Let's say you drive on an average "M" miles per month and you car travels on average "m" miles per gallon and the average price of gasoline is "p" per gallon, then the avaerage cost of gasoline for one month is (M x p)/m

1000 miles / 10 miles/gallon = 100 gallons * 4 $/gallon = $400

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