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From the first Sunday of April until the first Sunday of October, it's 4 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST=UTC+10). Otherwise, it's 5 AM Eastern Daylight Saving Time (EDT=UTC+11).

(Yes, the time zones in Melbourne and New York have the same names and abbreviations.)

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Q: If it's 2pm EDT in the US what time is it in Melbourne Australia?
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When it is 4PM Melbourne time what time is it Central European time?

4 pm EST = 7 am CET = 8 am CEST 4 pm EDT = 6 am CET = 7 am CEST Melbourne is in EDT from early October through early April. Central Europe is in CEST from late March through late October.

What is 10am in EDT to GMT?

It is 2pm GMT.

When does daylight saving end in Melbourne Australia?

For 2012/2013, Daylight Saving starts Sunday 7th October, 2012 and ends Sunday 7 April, 2013.

What time do the Rezurrection maps come out for ps3?

They are already out I downloaded mine this afternoon. It was available at 2pm EDT September 22 2011

What time will the sun set on 31st march 2012 in Melbourne?

7:15 pm EDT

If it is 6.30 pm in Melbourne Australia what is the time in Bangkok?

Melbourne is (Greenwich Mean Time) GMT +10 hours, ie. 10 hours ahead of Greenwich, England. Bangkok is (Greenwich Mean Time) GMT +7 hours, ie. 7 hours ahead of Greenwich, England. If it is 6:30pm in Melbourne, it is 3:30pm in Bangkok. (Daylight savings not taken into account.)

What time is it in Toronto Canada when it is 7am in Australia?

Australia has different timezones, AEST (GMT+10), ACST (GMT+9.30). Toronto is in EDT (GMT-5).7am ACST is 5.30pm (the previous day) in EDT during daylight savings and 3.30pm outside.7am AEST is 5pm (the previous day) in EDT during and 3pm outside.

Time difference between Melbourne and South Australia?

There is half an hour's time difference between Melbourne, which is in the state of Victoria, and the state of South Australia. Melbourne is ahead by 30 minutes, meaning that, when it is 12:00 in Melbourne, it is 11:30 in Adelaide.

If it is 2pm eastern time and 11am pacific time what time is it in south Africa?

11 am PST = 2 PM EST = 9 PM SAST 11 AM PDT = 2 PM EDT = 8 PM SAST

What time is 9AM EDT in Dubai?

5 pm dubai time. Add 4 minutes to Abu Dhabi and minus 6 minutes for Fujairah

How fast is hurricane earl?

At 2pm EDT Earl's forward speed was 15mph, while his maximum sustained winds were 125 mph.

What time is it central time if its 1.30pm EDT?

in North America...11.30 AM CST12.30 PM CDTin Australia...12.00 PM CST1.00 PM CDT