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Q: If it is 11 EST what time is it Central Time?
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What time is 12 am est in central time?

It would be 11:00 PM in Central Time.

If it is 1130 am EST - Eastern Time what time is it CST- central time?

Eastern Standard Time (EST) is one hour ahead of Central Standard Time (CST). So at 11:30 am in EST zone it would be 10:30 am in CST zone. EST = GMT -5 CST = GMT -6

Is it earlier in a central time zone or an eastern time zone?

It is earlier in the central time zone than in the eastern time zone. 10 AM CST = 11 AM EST.

What is 1700 CET in EST?

If you convert 17:00 pm to EST the time would be 11:00 am. CET stands for Central European Time and EST stands for Eastern Standard Time.

When is 11 59 est in central standard time?

10:59 one hour difference

What is the time in India if it is 11 am EST?

11 AM Australian EST = 6:30 AM India Standard Time 11 AM American EST = 9:30 PM India Standard Time

Inauguration Time Central Africa Time?

The US Presidential Inauguration on Tuesday, January 20th, 2009, begins at 11:30 AM EST and at 6:30 PM Central African Time.

What time is it cst time if its 12pm est time?

At 12 noon EST it's 11 AM CST.

If it is 11 am in the UK what is the EST in the USA?

11 AM UK = 6 AM EST There is a five hour time difference between EST and UK time.

Difference between EST time zone and CET time zone?

Central European Time is 6 hours ahead of Eastern Time so it means that if the time in eastern time zone is 5 pm the in the central europe time is 11 pm

What time is it in est if it is 1500 in London?

11:00 EST

What time is it in cst time if it is 12pm est?

At 12 noon EST, it's 11 AM CST.

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