If l is greater than m and m is greater than n then what is the relationship between the values of l and n?


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If l > m and m > n then l > n by the transitive property of inequality.


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The relationship are the opposite of one anther: that is, if X is greater than Y then Y must be less than X.

None, other than that if the area is x square units, the perimeter must be greater than or equal to 4*sqrt(x) units. It is possible to construct a rectangle for each and every one of the infinitely many values greater than 4*sqrt(x) units. Consequently, there can be no relationship as suggested by the question.

In a week the prices of a bag of rice were 350,280,340,390,320,310,300. The range is

The relationship between just the sides is that the sum of any two of them must be greater than the third. Any other relationship involves one (or more) angles.

the median is a value of which half of all the values are less than, and half of all the values are greater than.

The decimal value will be greater than 1, and the percent will be greater than 100%.

They are symbols used to express a relationship between the values of two numbers. For example: Two is less than four, so 2 < 4 ; Ten is greater than two, so 10 > 2 The narrow end, or point, of the symbol always 'points' to the smallest number; the open end, or largest, 'opens' to the larger number.

They are both the same values.

They are both the same values

They have both the same values

It is a process for determining whether one of the two values is smaller than, equal to or greater than the other.

CO2 and N2O are related because they are both gases that have greater density than that of O2

any value that is greater than 0.47 and less than 0.48. For example 0.471, 0.472, 0.473, 0.474, ... 0.479. also 0.4799999999 and other similar values. (In your sentence above, the word "and" is also "between" the two values listed)

For all the values of x that are less than one and greater than zero.

3x-1 is greater than 3x-y for all values of y less than -1.

There are infinitely relationships that can be defined, such as: equals is greater than is greater than or equal to is less than is less than or equal to is a half of is a third of is a quarter of and so on is c times where c is any number, positive or negative; is greater than c times, etc

5.43 can be either greater or less than 5.432, because 5.43 is a shorthand representation of any number between 5.425 and 5.434999999999999.... and 5.432 is a shorthand representation of any numbers between 5.4315 and 5.43249999..... The range of possible values of 5.43 overlaps the range of possible values of 5.432 on both ends.

No because they are both equal in values

No because they are both the same values

They both have the same values.

In Mathematics, an inequality is a relation which holds between two values when they are different. 100 is 10 times greater than 10, meaning if 10 is multiplied by 10, the answer would be 100.

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