If microbes in the soil destroyed?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: If microbes in the soil destroyed?
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How do pesticides affect soil fertility?

Some pesticides affect the microbes in the soil. Since microbes are needed, this can make the soil less fertile.

What are edaphic microbes?

Since edaphic is used to describe soil factors, I think that it means microbes found in soil.

What decomposes grass?

The soil and the microbes, insects and worms in the soil.

What would happen if all of microbes were destroyed?

We will all gonna be in trouble if these microbes are destroyed because microbes decomposes us and break us down.They will never keep us from accumulating any more.

How does bacteria in the soil help fertilize the soil for plants?

This is how microbes help in soil fertility. -- Bacteria and fungi help in decomposing our waste products. The microbes also add minerals into the soil which are also sometimes absorbed through the plants

What kind of soil can you find microbes?

humus soils

What will happen if soil is used up or destroyed?

If the soil becomes used up or destroyed there will be food being produced. Another issue is that water will not stay in the soil to the roots of the plants if the soil is destroyed.

A soil gas used by plant roots and soil microbes?

I think its the soluble form of nitrogen

What does the stomach contain to defend your body against microbes?

The stomach contains acids that defend your body against microbes. Most of these microbes are destroyed once they are digested and enter into the acidic stomach.

An important role of soil microbes in biological systems is the?

(A) recycling of matter

How is the water from a septic tank purified?

The liquid is cleaned by the aerobic microbes in the soil.

Does sugar help grow grass?

Yes, mainly by feeding the microbes in the soil.