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If my ex does not sign the divorce papers in Texas what can i do next?


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You continue with the divorce proceeding. A spouse who refuses to sign the divorce papers can delay the proceedings by making it take longer but they cannot prevent the divorce.


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You can refuse to sign divorce papers in Texas. The divorce will eventually move ahead and along without the signatures.

What happens next if a partner does not sign the divorce papers first time

You can fake her signature or you can get one of her papers that she did sign and tape it to the divorce papers

In the state Of Oklahoma who do you get divorce if your spouse refuses to sign the papers

I have a durable power of attorney for my husband, can I sign his name to divorce papers so I can get a divorce from him?

Same way you divorce anybody else, except that you have the inmate served with papers in prison, so you can take a default if the inmate doesn't sign the papers.

Same as you divorce anybody else, but you have the inmate served with papers in prison, so if the inmate doesn't sign the papers, you can take a default judgment.

You can refuse to sign your divorce papers but would cause a lot of trouble for your spouse but it is different in each state for situations were your spouse does not want to sign the divorce papers but in most cases the court will still grant you a divorce.

you can refuse to sign divorce papers in any state that's you right as a citizen

no , they have to sign the divorce papers.

If your spouse won't sign the divorce papers then file a judgment of default. If your spouse does not sign it within 30 to 60 days then the divorce will be final by default.

If your wife in Bahamas refuses to sign the divorce papers what you can do is refile for divorce under abandment and the court can then rule that you don't need her to sign. STATED BY AUTHOR

the divorce papers must have a court seal and sign by the clerk of court

A spouse that does not sign divorce papers will get a default judgment entered against them and the divorce will still happen. You can however contest the default judgment if the court allows you to do so and thinks you have a good reason why you did not sign the papers.

In the state of Texas if the spouse doesn't sign the divorce papers you have to file a dissoultion of marriage and they have a certain amount of time and then the judge will grant the divorce. Where do you get the dissoultion papers from. how do you file them and how long does the judge wait before granting the divorce

Yes, you can refuse to sign divorce papers. The court will decide when and how the divorce is decided and closed.

Yes, your wife has to sign divorce papers to legally get divorced in any state.

it matters what country or state your in but usually you have to sign divorce papers

If your spouse is served with divorce papers, that is what matters. The next step is the hearing before the judge. Your spouse may attend or may choose not to attend. It does not matter. What matters is the judge's decree. Many divorces have been granted when the spouse refused to sign.

if he doesn't want to sign cal the police that's what my auntie did when my uncle didn't sign the divorce papers

Answer What I know about divorce papers is that they require two signatures, one from you the other from your husband, and if he doesn't sign the divorce papers, it doesn't matter he is no longer in the State where you live, if he doesn't sign the papers you can't get your divorce. There is also common law marriages where two people can live together for as long as they want and divorced or not, you can still live with another man. There's no law against it.

Usually if you serve your spouse and they do not sign the papers under a 30 day period in most states, you may win your divorce by default. Divorce by default happens when the served party fails to respond to the divorce papers served.

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