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Q: If nearly 79 of the atmosphere is made of nitrogen how could there be a shortage of nitrogen in soil?
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If nearly 79 percent of the atmosphere in nitrogen How could there be a shortage in soil?


If nearly 79 percent of the atmosphere in nitrogen How could there be a shortage in some soils?


How could there be a shortage of nitrogen in soil?


Where on earth could you find nitrogen?

Our atmosphere is made up of 78 % nitrogen.

Is there atmosphere in Makemake?

The presence of methane and possibly nitrogen suggests that Makemake could have a transient atmosphere similar to that of Pluto.

Why is nitrogen's maximum level in the Atmosphere?

Nitrogen makes up 78% of our atmosphere and the atmosphere contains 3,346,200,000,000,000,000 cubic meters of nitrogen. Because nitrogen is a gas it tends to gather in the atmosphere rather then say, stay trapped underground. That is why its maximum concentration is in the atmosphere. It's a good thing there is so much in our atmosphere too. Without it, the earth would get pummeled by gamma rays from our sun. This could turn the earth into a radioactive wasteland.

What does an increase in nitrogen in the atmosphere mean?

It depends. There could be a factory in the vicinity that is pumping nitrogen into the air because of the chemical processes involved. There could even have been an explosion somewhere near increasing the level of nitrogen in the atmosphere. But nitrogen is, of course, also an intrinsic element in the socalled nitrogen cycle in nature, and any inbalance in this regard -- the freeing of more or less nitrogen than could be considered "normal" from its fixations in the soil or elsewhere -- could be a clear sign that something is wrong with the environment.

Where is nitrogen natrally found?

The Earth's atmosphere is 78% nitrogen. If you could see it, it's flowing in and out of your lungs as you're reading this. It's also found in compounds in soil.

What are 5 reasons about why your Earth's atmosphere is important?

because the atmosphere contains water vapor, which causes it to rain on earth and it contains oxygen so we could breathe and it also contains nitrogen for the nitrogen cycle. the atmosphere is also important because it has carbon dioxide so the plants could "breathe" and another reason is that it has the ozone layer, which protects us from the sun's harmful rays.

What is atmospheric nitrogen fixationand how does it affect organisms?

The atmosphere is made up of 70% nitrogen. Nitrogen is also a key ingredient for proteins and nucleic acids such as DNA, and without these, no life could exist. However, the nitrogen in the atmosphere is unusable for most organisms. A few types of microorganisms are capable of fixing nitrogen into a bioavailable form, and that is the process of nitrogen fixation. The fixed nitrogen can then be used by plants to create amino acids, and the amino acids are then consumed by animals.

How does water pollution affect the nitrogen cycle?

Water pollution affects the nitrogen cycle the least. The nitrogen cycle is the cycle of nitrogen as it enters earth, becomes fixed, and leaves earth, back to the atmosphere. The only way that water pollution can affect the nitrogen cycle is if there is too much trash in one area of a body of water, thus clogging the surface and not allowing algae to absorb the nitrogen. It could also clog the surface and not allow denitrifying bacteria in waterlogged soil to release the nitrogen back into the atmosphere.

What is in Erie?

Methane and Nitrogen. Eris is now the farthest it could be from the sun, hence its atmosphere is frozen onto the surface. As it get closer to the sun in the future, its atmosphere will appear and gaseous state becomes dominant.