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Q: If one in every four is blue what proportion is red?
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If there is one tin of blue for every four tins of red What is the ratio of red tins to blue?

4 Red Tins For Every 1 Blue Tin

What is in a blue?

ohing is in blue its one of the four

What is a four to one ratio?

This means that for every one of an item, there are four of another item. For instance, four bumpy rocks for every smooth one, or four brown toads for every black one.

What is 21 percent?

It is a proportion. It means 21 out of every 100 (or per one hundred)

How many 10's or jacks is in playing cards?

In an ordinary deck of cards here are four of every denomination -- one in every suit (one in hearts, one in spades, etc.) There are four aces, four two's, four tens, four jacks and on and on.

What proportion of the UK population have used illegal drugs at one time or another?

2/3 or every 2 out of 3

What is prorata basis?

In means 'in proportion'. For example, if money is given out pro rata, every one gets an equal share

What is the avriage of blue eyes?

In the United States, one out of every six has blue eyes.

Differentiate direct proportion from inverse proportion?

when both increaes its direct proportion and when one increase and othe decreases its inverse proportion.

How many men have blue eyes in United States?

One out of every six Americans has blue eyes.

What is the percentage of people have blue eyes?

In the United States, one out of every six whites has blue eyes.

Does the Olympics happen every two years or four years?

Yes, they have taken place every four years since 1896, barring such disasters as World Wars One and Two.