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You will not go blind if you happen to get pee in your eyes. Urine cannot cause blindness. It can however cause irritation if it comes in contact with your eyes.

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How often does a dog go blind from diabetes?

If it goes blind in both eyes at the same time, then just once. If it goes blind in one eye, it can then go blind up to one more time. So a maximum of twice.

Does blue eyes mean your blind?

NO Usually Pale Eyes Mean Your Blind OR About To Turn Blind Regular Blue Eyes Mean Your Pretty :)

Does bunnies pee make you blind?


Are all sharks blind?

No sharks are not blind. You must have heard wrong. Sharks are only blind when they bite down on prey because a membrane goes over their eyes to protect them from the struggling prey.

What bird is blind and how does it hunt for food?

That pigeon whats eyes I poked out is quite blind right now. But it just goes to the drive thru and gets chips.

Why blind people have blue eyes?

Blind people can have any colored eyes.

Why do anteaters have eyes when they are blind?

anteaters are blind

What is eye wash and how is it used?

Eye wash is magical elf pee that you have to spray in your eyes when you get ogre pee in your eyes

Do all blind people have blue eyes?

do most blind people have blue eyes

How can a pee heal a sored eyes?

Because of the toxic liquid in the pee.

What does it look like when you're blind?

Being Blind Probably is like Having your eyes shut but Your eyes are open when your blind. Im not shure Im Not BLIND

Can people find if you a girl or boy through your pee?

You can tell because boy's pee goes up and girls pee goes down.

Why did the worm eat his eyes?

Because he was hungry, and blind... Blind people eat there eyes.... ITS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are most blue eyed dogs blind?

Blue eyes and blindness are not officially ociated, but blind dogs tend you have hazy blue eyes. However blue eyes do not mean the dog is blind. The Siberian husky as the prettiest blue eyes in the world and are not blind.

Can blind rabbits be blind in both eyes?


What color are Longtail's eyes?

The color of long tails eyes were never put in the book but he goes blind later so the color is scrached by a rabbit (not a real color)

What do you supposed to do when sperm goes in your eyes?

Nothing, it's not like you will go blind, but if you feel weird just rinse with water.

What has 6 eyes but can't see?

A shoe in the eyes for the laces.

What goes after Mars?


Are bat completely blind?

They are not blind, But they barely use their eyes.

Are kangaroos eyes open or blind at birth?

it is blind at birt

What is the antonym of eyes?


Are dolphins blind?

No, they have eyes.

What has eyes but no vision?

Congress. ~ A person who is blind, most bats, animals that are blind, and many different things. I have a friend who is blind, well in 1 and 3 quarters of her eyes but she has eyes, but can not see too well.

Are parakeets blind?

No, They are not naturally blind, but they can become blind if they have an accident to do with their eyes, e.g. Attacks from dogs and cats, car clips, or any injuries done to their eyes.