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Q: If s waves only pass through some of earths layers what would that tell you about the composition of those layers?
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What equipment digs a hole through those layers to reach the oil?

A really big drill

The speed at which seismic waves travel through Earth's layers depends upon the of those layers. temperature density shape area?

The speed of the waves depends on the density of the material.

What are layers of soil that can be penetrated by water called?

Those soil layers are permeable.

How do you use rock layers in a sentence?

Those rock layers are quite colorful.

What method do scientist use to determine the earth layers?

Type your answer here... D.Comparing the composition of the crust to other bodies in the solar system

Layers of soil that can be penetrated by water are called?

Those layers of soil are called permeable.

What happens to sediment over time?

Sedimentary layers are conspicuous by the neighbors they keep. There are two types of sedimentary layers; those that have formed and those that are today forming. Over time they are compressed and thereby preserved.

What operates at both the physical and data link layers of the OSI model?

A NIC operates at those two layers.

What does the The Law of Superposition state?

Principle stating that older rock layers are beneath younger rock layers.

Are the outermost cells of the epidermis living or dead?

Cells in the lower layers of the epidermis divide continually, producing new cells that constantly push through the layers of the epidermis. By the time those cells reach the outer layer of the epidermis, they are dead and ready to slough off.

What do you call the imaginary line through earths poles?

Are you thinking og the meridians? The meridians are the lines you see on a map that conects the north and south pole and also those who determ longtitude

What does the earths crust consist of that moves?

Those would be tectonic plates.