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They can always contact people like me. I have the contacts of fifa AGENTS all around the world. I am NIGERIAN and also an amateur footballer, who is still in school.I have over 2000 fifa agents names and numbers.

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Do footballers get paid if playing for their country?


Do footballers get paid for playing for their country?


What talent do footballers have?

Playing Football Mainly

Who is richermusician or footballer?

It will be footballers, as musicians must be good to sell , but footballers are playing in a good team will make more.

Do English footballers get paid for playing for the national team?


Do English footballers get paid for playing in the euro cup?


How do you play sports?

By going outside or inside, whatever the sport you're interested in may require, and playing it!

Do players get paid for playing football for Ireland?

Yes footballers get paid for playing for Ireland.

What age do premiership footballers stop playing football?


Do footballers get paid for playing for England?

No- it is (supposed to be) an honour to play for your country

What are Footballers names beginning with x?

Xabi Alonso, playing for Liverpool in England.

How do i know in which field i am interested?

it is very simple . It involves two steps . 1. Just note down which are the fields you like . 2. Note down the fields you you are talented . Talented in the sense you do that specific thing rightly when compared to others . Eg. Playing cricket well when compared to your team mates.

Why are the England premiership footballers not playing for team GB in Olympics?

They are professional players, the olympics are for amateur competitors

What is the name of the talented pianist who was never proved to exist although her husband claimed he recorded her playing the most difficult pieces?

name for a talented pianist

How much do ladies footballers get paid?

Women get paid around about £40 a day for playing women's professional football.

In 'they were playing outside' what part of speech is outside?

It is an adverb modifying the verb (playing).

What is the adverb in the children were playing tag outside?

The adverb is "outside". It is an adverb of place, describing where they were playing.

How can you use the word serenade in a sentence?

To charm someone by playing music outside

Is there any professional footballers that have died because of an injury from on pitch?

Job died playing for cameroon as he collapsed on te pitch

Ex Man United players playing for other teams?

Footballers who played for Manchester United are now playing else where are Philip Neville, Luis Saha, Michael Silvestre,Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Gabriel Heinze, Sebastion Veron,and Tim Howard, Bardsley, Higginbotham, Nathan Ebanks-Blake, Eagles, Shawcross, Lee Martin.These are the few footballers playing for other clubs.

What harms can be caused by playing soccer?

Whileplaying soccer it is possible to get injured in the knee or at the ankles, some footballers have had their careers ended because of this.

What song is playing in the wedding dance of shannon in footballers wives its a slow song?

One Armed Scissor by US group At The Drive-in

How did Pele get interested in soccer?

he liked playing with balls

How many footballers started in the premier leagues first season and are still playing professionally?

I know Ryan Giggs has been there since the start

A list of Irish players abroad?

there's stats and details of Irish footballers playing in Scotland and England here: