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step 1: you first have to ensure that you are working with the same units throughout the solution, and in this case, i choose to work with minutes, so i will convert the service rate of 30 per hour into minutes per hour.

if 60mins = 30 serviced request

what of 1 min = ?

((30*1)/60) = a service rate of 0.5 per min.

step 2: now that we do have the average service rate at0.5 per minute and our arrival rate is at 6 per minute, we can go ahead to find the traffic intensity, which is arrived at by dividing the average arrival rate by the average service rate. therefore:

5/0.5 = 10

the traffic intensity(ratio of the average arrival rate to the average service rate) is 10.

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Q: If the arrival rate is 6 per minute and service rate is 30 per hour then what is the traffic intensity?
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