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Fly BallI always call it a dying duck because it seems to hover for a second drops straight down pop fly looper. Answer

Another term for a lazy fly ball is 'a can of corn' although I have yet to learn of the term's origin.

'Can of corn' derives from the practice in bygone days of stacking canned good on shelves all the way to the ceiling. Rather than keep out a bulky ladder and run up and down every time a customer wanted a good from a shelf too high to reach, shopkeepers kept a long stick with which to knock cans off the shelf and then catch them. I can only assume corn is used because of the alliteration.

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How can you catch Lugia in Pokemon Crystal?

Easy catch it with a poke ball or to catch it easier use master ball

Is there an easy way to catch a Pokemon?

Get the master ball

Why a ball of high trajectory is easy to catch?

yes it is easy to catch a ball of high trajectory because the ball moves in projectile motion. projectile motion is the act of projecting an object into the air at an angle.

Runner on third and less than two outs. The batter hits a foul fly ball that is caught. The runner tags up and scores. Does the batter get an RBI?

By rule, there are four criteria for a sacrifice fly. 1) The ball is hit to the outfield, 2) The batter is out because an outfielder made the catch or an infielder made the catch in the outfield, 3) There are less than two outs, 4) A runner already on base scores after the catch. The official scorer has the option of giving a batter a sacrifice fly in instances when all four rules are not met. For example, if the outfielder drops what appeared to be an easy fly ball, the scorer could charge the outfielder with an error and award the batter a sacrifice fly. The answer to this question is yes, the batter would be awarded an RBI.

Why a ball of high trajectory is easy to catch in cricket?

yes, it is easy to catch a ball of high trajectory because the ball moves in projectile motion. Projectile motion is the act of projecting an object into the air at an angle.

How do you catch Dialga in ruby destiny?

Easy Master Ball.

How do you use a ultra ball to catch sucine?

1st:Throw the Ultra Ball 2nd:See if it catches it Easy.

If you catch a baseball how long do you have to hold it to make it a fly ball?

Long enough for the fielder to demonstrate to the official(s) that he has control of the ball. If he drops it 'during the course of fielding' it's deemed not a catch. If it is deemed, by the ump, to be dropped in the transfer from glove to throwing motion you won't have held it very long, but it is a judgement call and may go against you. The same for catching a fly ball, its upto the ump. Just don't drop it!_________________________________________________________________________________ A fly ball is a term for when the batter hits the ball and it goes high in the air, and usually makes for an easy out because they are easy for outfielders to catch

Hit the ball high up so that it is easy to catch?

A ball that is easy to catch in baseball because it was hit so high is a pop-up. These are caught with an almost 100 percent efficiency in baseball.

Is there an easy way to catch chimecho?

yes if you use a grait ball and press A evry time it shakes ,by BTW chimecho is triky to find but easy to catch becaus i did catch one

Easy way to catch Giratina without master ball?

get him down to low healt then use an ultra ball

How do you catch Palkia without masterball?

it easy get it down to 10 hp and use a net ball easy i done it

How do you catch a legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

You use a poke ball, great ball, ultra ball etc. To be honest I think the best ball for Palkia is an ultra ball. It's really easy to catch so don't go wasting your master ball on it.

What is an easy way to catch Dialga?

Either weakening its HP or using a Master ball, but i recommend you use a master ball.

How do you catch anti the easy way without a ultra ball or a master ball in soulsilver?

Well there is no way but to use those two ball choices

How do you catch Zapdos real easy and fast on Pokemon platinum?

Throw a master ball at it.

Is there any easy way to catch sucune?

i have a master balli have rare candyi have no legendary

How to catch Zekrom without a master ball?

Simple - use a different Pokéball! I've heard Zekrom is easy to catch, anyway.

When you catch diagla what level is it on?

you catch dialga on level 70 on spear pillar and make sure you have a ultra ball lower its hp to half and throw ultra ball its really easy

Can a batter that reaches base due to error get an RBI?

yes . man on 3rd scores when outfielder drops easy fly ball. runner would have scored even if the ball was caught.

How much hp does Palkia have?

When you fiist catch palkia he/she has around 148 HP!!! the hp goes up quickly though!! Tip: dont catch palkia with your master ball because you can catch him easy with a ultra ball and if you get his HP down to one and you put him to sleep you might be lucky to catch him with a great ball!!! Hope i help you !!!!

What does easy out big hitter mean?

AI think it means a hitter hits the ball hard, but they catch it.

Why is there no sacrifice ground ball in baseball?

There is no sacrifice ground ball in baseball because you don't try to sacrifice yourself to advance the runner on the ground ball. Also, on a bunt, it's hard to get the leading runner anyway, so the fielder most of the time goes for the batter at first. On a ground ball however, the fielder most of the time has an easy option for the lead runner as well as the batter.

What poke ball do you use to catch Pikachu in soul silver?

Pikachu has an easy capture rate. A Quick Ball, or a Dusk Ball at night, should be able to catch it straight away. If not, knock a few HP off and throw a few regular balls.

Scientific reasons for 1st year physics?

In the game of cricket,why it is easy to catch a ball of high trajectory? As the path of ball is a projectile so in the case of high trajectory the angle of projection is high and time of flight is higher which ease to observe and catch the ball.

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