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If the dealer accepts partial payment can they still repossess your car?

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Yes. Once the lending agreement is in default the lender may take whatever action they choose in recovering the monies owed. It is a misconception that by making a partial or token payment the creditor will not be able to assert their legal rights. The lender can accept the payment, still repossess the vehicle or pursue litigation.

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Can a used car dealer repossess a car that is not in delinquent of payment but had late payment history?


Can a used car dealer repossess a car that is not in delequent of payment?

No, and why would they? If the payments are up to date and have been made on time, there would be no reason for the dealer to repossess the vehicle.

Is it legal for a car dealer to repossess a vehicle after 27 days late on payment?

Depends on your jurisdiction. If you're late on a payment for just 1 month, it's legal for the car dealer to repossess your vehicle, but 27 days seems a bit uncalled for.

If a car payment is due on the 14 but a payment will not be made until the 29 can the dealer repossess the car in Georgia?

YES, if you are in default of the contract, the collateral can be repossessed. Read your contract again.

Can a BHPH dealer repossess on a first payment default without satisfying Colorado curing requirements? start here

I failed to pay the pick up payment can the dealer repo my car even if its financed through a bank?

Your car can definitely be repossessed because of nonpayment. The bank can actually send a company to repossess your car.

If you purchased a 2006 H3 last week but put a stop payment on the down payment check for misrepresentation loan is through private party and you have tried to settle the matter can dealer repossess?

Yes they can re-possess at any time, terms and conditions state, the vehicle belongs to the HP company until full payment is received that you borrowed, however they must send you a NOD (notice of default) and give you 14 days in which to pay, and then a TERM ( TERMINATION OF YOUR RIGHTS) THEY CAN THEN REPOSSESS

Can a bank repossess a car if taken to dealer for repair?

A dealer will never repossess, UNLESS they are also the financier. most dealerships sell the loan to a bank, whom you make payment to... this bank will be the "reposseser". Now, that's not to say that the bank will not notify local dealers to be on the lookout for a car they are actively chasing to repossess, but most of the time they will just come to your residence to serve the repo. I have never heard of a dealership doing so, because most banks have folks that can get your car by other means if they want it back bad enough.

Would your car dealer have you locked up for not making payments?

No, they'd repossess your car.

Car dealer forgot down payment?

The car dealer is not required to collect a down payment. The finance company is the one who usually asks for it. If they desire a down payment, they will contact you to get it.

What if you have agreed to pay 900 deferred down payment and you can not make payments so they repo car do you get your 1100 you already paid back California?

btw the dealer never got deal bought by a lender because down payment was not paid is partial deposit refundable?

If the car has problems that the dealer cannot or will not resolve can you just release it back to the dealer if they haven't received a payment?

Yes i will release the car back to the dealer even if i did made a first payment. Sandile

You cannot afford your truck payment can you sell it 2 dealer and get cheaper car?

i cannot afford my truck payment can i sell it 2 dealer and get cheaper car

What do you do if the dealer forgets to collect down payment?

sue him

Can a car dealer take your car back?

If the dealer holds the lien and is the one that loaned you the money to purchase the vehicle he can repossess the vehicle if you fail to make your payments on time. Otherwise the selling dealer has no claim on the vehicle whatsoever.

How long does dealer have to ask for car back in Virginia?

Why would a dealer ask for a car back? If you are referring to how long he has to repossess the vehicle after you stop making payments, the answer in most states is immediately.

What do you do if the dealer took my car back for no reason and wont ive me back my Dow paymenT?

A dealer cannot just "take your car back" which is quite simply, "REPOSSESSING THE VEHICLE" for no reason. There would have to be some kind of violation of the terms of sale/payment for them to repossess it, & they would still have to file some kind of legal action or go to a COURT and obtain approval and paperwork authorizing them to repossess the vehicle. If this had been the case, you would have been served notice that you had to appear in court to admit/dispute the dealer's claim, and would have been given the opportunity at that time to work out an agreement with the dealer over the dispute, & the court would have sanctioned either the agreement between you & the dealer, or ruled in favor of you or the dealer. Any way that the court ruled would have been entered as a court ordered judgment and entered in the court records and both parties to that action would have been given a written copy of the ruling. If none of this occurred, and the dealer cannot show written proof that he obtained the legal right to repossess your car, quite simply, the dealer has STOLEN your car. If that is the case, call your local Police Department and file a stolen car report, and give them all the information as to where the vehicle was taken from and if you have spoken to the dealer and know for a fact that they have the car (as in they admitted to you that they took the car) and the car's location.

How long will a dealer hold a car with a down payment?

How long a dealer will hold a car with a down payment depends on the dealer. It is a good idea to get a time frame in writing. Some dealers will sell a car within a couple of days if you do not complete the transaction.

What are your legal right when a car dealer just found out the car you trade in has a lien?

If you did not disclose the lien to the dealer then you committed fraud! At this point it is a fraudulent deal and everything can be unwound. The dealer can repossess the unit or sue you for the difference. In jurisdictions it is possible the dealer could get a warrant for your arrest for credit fraud

If you can not meet payment on a car can you take it back to the dealer?

Returning the vehicle will not relieve you of the responsibility for the debt. Typically your lienholder will sell the vehicle and charge you for the deficiency balance. However, if you cannot pay for the car the lienholder will repossess it and follow the same procedure. Also, unless the dealer provided "in house" financing they probably have no further interest in the vehicle. You are now obligated to pay the bank or finance company. In this case the dealer may not allow you to return it to the lot.

What does part exchange mean in car dealer ship?

It means that the dealer might accept your car as a part of payment but of course the dealer and you have to agree on a price for your car.

Can a used car dealer repossess a car if they have an unsigned title to that car and that car did not leave the property?

no it can't because the used car is used

Can a used car dealer repossess A CAR in Texas if YOU have not missed any payments?

NO! , he defenetely cannot do that. you at least have to be 3 months past due.

Where to buy really cheap but great quality bikes?

Used, on ebay, craigslist, a dealer who accepts trade-ins....

Can a dealer refuse an 1800 down payment if no contract was signed?

A dealer can do whatever they want, they are not legally obliagted to sell you any car.