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It has a cold, let it run it's course. Pets get sick too. If it has other symptoms and starts to lose weight, then take him to a vet.

you should contact a vet to see if it is urgent.

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Q: If the guinea pig is sneezing but not suffering what should you do?
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Can you do anything to stop or help your guinea pig from sneezing?

No, but when I had a guinea pig I asked about it and they said it was no big deal.

What should you do when your guinea pig is sneezing but is very active?

If it is sneezing, it is from the bedding you are using in it's cage. Please switch to a non-wood bedding as this causes respritory infections in Guinea Pigs. Try "aspen" brand.

How do you know when a guinea pig is sick?

you can tell because they will start sneezing.

Is your guinea pig sick if it is sneezing?

it might just have a cold. guinea pigs sneeze just like humans

Why do guinea pigs sneez?

Its usually normal just like you or I sneeze. Guinea Pigs can have colds.. with other symptoms and sneezing is one sign your guinea pig might have a cold. Its usually normal just like you or I sneeze. Guinea Pigs can have colds.. with other symptoms and sneezing is one sign your guinea pig might have a cold.

Do guinea pigs snore?

well... it depends on the guinea pig one of mine does and the other doesn't. plus my friend had a guinea pig and hers caught a cold and started snoring and sneezing, but after it stopped

Are guinea pigs considered an endangered species?

No. Guinea pigs are one of the most over-populated species of animal. Everyone should adopt a guinea pig to avoid them suffering. Please save the guinea pigs!

What should I feed my guinea pig?

guinea pig food =] muslie or nuggets

Can a guinea pig die from gas?

If your guinea pig farts, that's fine. If the guinea pig poops, that's fine. BUT IF YOUR GUINEA PIG SHARTS you should see a vet.

What should you do with your guinea pig if it dies?

It is better to bury the Guinea Pig in the soil.Try to find how the Guinea Pig died by checking it with a vet.

Is cardboard safe for a guinea pig?

Yes, if your guinea pig eats some it should be fine, it is also great to transport your guinea pig in.

Can a Guinea Pig and a Chinchilla get along?

you should never put a guinea pig with a chinchilla

How do you turn into a guinea pig?

You cant turn into a guinea pig. I think you should know that.

Do you need to bathe your guinea pig?

you should bathe your guinea pig once weekly.

How long should you brush your guinea pig?

you should probably brush your Guinea Pig for about 5-10 minutes

How long should you hold your guinea pig for?

your should hold your guinea pig for about 30min to an hour each day

Can you heal a guinea pig alone?

I would not recommend you to heal a guinea pig at home. You should bring your guinea pig to a local animal hospital. Healing a guinea pig alone can cause germs going into the guinea pig. That can be harmful for your pet.

What are all of the breeds of guinea pig?

American Guinea PigAbyssinian Guinea PigSkinny PigSilkie Guinea PigPeruvian Guinea PigTeddy Guinea PigTexel Guinea Pig

My guinea pig is going bald and is four years old what can i do to help it?

The guinea pig should see a veterinarian. The veterinarian can discover the cause of the guinea pig's hair loss, and he or she can see what should be done for the guinea pig.

Should you get a budgie or a guinea pig?

Guinea Pig. Budgie. Ask questions and think about it first.

How many weeks should you take a male guinea pig out from the female guinea pig?


Can you give your guinea pig beetroot leaves?

no, you should not feed your guinea pig beetroot leaves.

Should you clean the guinea pig cage out after the birth?

Yes because there is the after birth from the guinea pig

What size home for a guinea pig should I get?

Depends on the size of the guinea pig and it's breed.

Are you allowed to bath your guinea pig?

yes, you should bathe your guinea pig once a month.