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If you have split ends and don't trim them, they can split further up the shaft of the hair and damage it more, forcing you to trim more off in the end. Keep them trimmed and your hair will grow longer and healthier!

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How do you stop split ends and make hair to grow?

Trim the split ends!

Why does your hair not grow when you get split ends since your hair grows out of your scalp?

Your hair does continue to grow even with split ends. Trimming split ends just makes your hair look more even at the ends. The split ends tend to dry up and look ratty. Split ends do not prevent hair from growing.

How does trimming your hair make it grow longer?

It makes it grow longer becuz it cuts your split ends . Split ends make your hair stop growing so if you have split ends , you should cut atleast an inch of your ends :) hope it helped .

How does split ends grow your hair faster?

It doesn't

Will wen products grow your hair?

yes it will and if you split ends to

Will trimming your split ends make your hair grow faster?


Do split ends keep your hair from growing?

No, the hair grows from the scalp, and split ends are just hair that has been physically damaged in some way. Because the hair does not grow from that end, split ends don't affect growth.

How do you make male hair grow faster?

You have to trim your hair often,in order for the split ends to grow out.

Does straightening your hair help it grow?

No, when you straighten your hair it damages it and gives it split ends. When you have split ends your hair can't grow. The best thing to do if you are growing out your hair is leave it natural that means NO heat at all. Hope this helps :)

How does cutting split ends off hair help it grow when the hair grows from the hair roots?

It doesn't help the hair grow, but gets you back to healthy hair without split ends. There is no cure for split ends other than triming. Giving the hair a healthy apperance so that it's more fuller and longer. Split ends occure from everyday stesses like brusing, combing,outside elements and etc...

Does putting rubberbands in your hair make it grow faster?

no, this is a terrible thing to do to your hair, it will break and split ends.

How can you make your hair grow longer in about a week?

Trim you hair,from split ends. Use healthy shampoo!

What is the best product to make your hair grow and repair split ends?

for the split ends you need to keep it trimmed. to make it grow, make sure you're getting vitamin b12 and calcium (take a multivitamin a day) and eat healthy, and stay away from hair dye.

Does natural grow faster after you cut it?

Yes, hair does grow faster after you have them trimmed or cut them. This is due to the fact that sometimes hair can start to split and this causes hair to grow at a slower rate and cutting those split ends allows the hair to grow at a greater speed.

Does picking your hair make it grow faster?

Not sure. But hair grows from the bottom (aka the ends of your hair) So having your hair trimmed once in a while will help it grow faster Hope this helps :) ************************* Hair does not grow from the ends. It grows from your scalp, from the roots. Hair grows based on the nutrition you give your body and of course genetics plays a big role in how fast hair grows. Trimming helps to eliminate split ends, but does not make grow faster, that's only a myth.

Does cutting your hair help it grow?

Trimming the ends of hair improves the health of the hair by removing split ends. If split ends are not taken care of, they make split further up the shaft of the hair. When this happens, the ends of the strands of hair are more likely to break off. By trimming, you are preventing the ends of the hair breaking off and the hair is allowed to grow longer. It doesn't improve the growth of the hair on a biological level, however; hair grows at the same rate and only fluctuates with changes in diet.

Will cutting your split ends make your hair grow faster?

no. split ends are just parts of your hair that are worn out. its good to cut your hair once in a while because having split ends does not make your hair look or feel healthy. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- this^ person has no idea what there talking about yes it will make it grow faster my cosm teacher told me that and the reason why is ur hair is connected to the root of ur hair and keeping the ends neat will keep the the hair spiting even more so like me every 3-5 months i get my hair trimmed to get rid of split ends.

Why do people say that your hair will grow faster once you get it trimmed when hair grows at the roots and not the tips?

your hair will not grow faster by keeping the ends trimmed. it will, however, seem to grow faster. unkempt ends tend to split easily. split ends turn dry and brittle, and consequently break off, shortening the length of the hair. while trimming your ends won't cause the hair to grow faster, it will keep your hair healthy and minimize risk of breakage, which in the long run means it gets longer faster.

How do you fix split ends?

You need to get your ends trimmed off, that way they won't be able to split any farther. Don't try the shampoos that say they fix your split ends. All they do is temporarily coat the ends of your hair, which isn't the way to fix your problem. The time it takes for your hair to grow back to the length it was before your hair began to split will change for everyone depending upon how long you waited to get them trimmed, how long your hair was, and how much the ends split. Give your hair a break from the flat iron, hair dryer, curling iron, and hair color. Heat and chemicals are what caused your split ends in the first place.

How do you make hair grow really fast?

my hair never use to grow but... if you cut the ends of every 2 weeks your hair will grow like a weed trust me it works my hair grew from my shoulders to my waist in just 3 months. but make sure you brush the ends of your hair to prevent split ends.

How can you get rid of dry ends?

if you are talking about your hair, these are split ends, and the only way to get rid of them is to have a proper cut by a professional stylist, this will encourage your hair to grow properly and look healthy

What can make hair grow?

it sounds strange but infact getting your haircut can! this applies mostly for women if you have split ends then cutting them off will make your hair grow longer

Will not using heat on your hair make it grow faster?

Yes it will, because using a lot of heat on your hair will cause split ends. Split ends will cause breakage to thinning and shortening your hair. So PLEASE give it a break every so often and get trims every six weeks if your wanting to grow it out faster.

How do you grow human hair faster?

you trim the ends just a tiny little bit so there are no more split ends about once every month and keep the hair healthy You could eat garlic that causes hair to grow too

How do you grow African American hair long?

Trim you hair every week,from split ends. Take naps more often.