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It can be treated with antibiotics, but it doesn't really solve the problem. The tooth will still need the treatment reccomended by the dentist; root canal or being taken out most likely. The antibiotics will just help get rid of the pain and make it easier to work on the tooth. The infection will come back. There is no real way to determine when, but it will, maybe a few weeks, maybe a few months, maybe a year, but it will be back and it will probably be worse. And if there is any way to save the tooth now, there may not be if you wait to have the treatment done.

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Q: If the infection is in the bone can it be treated through antibiotics?
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What antibiotics could be used for an inflammation in the bone and muscle?

Inflammation in the bone and muscle is not always a sign of infection. If antibiotics are needed to treat a bone infection, typically they must be intravenous. Talk with your health care provider about the plan of care.

How is a jaw bone infection detected?

A jaw bone infection can be detected through an X-Ray. An ultrasound can also show an infection in the jaw bone.

What causes a cows hoof to rot?

Bacteria can enter a crack or wound in the animal's foot, be it in the hoof bone or the space between the hooves, and start to multiply, creating an infection. This infection can cause the hoof to "rot" if not treated with antibiotics and penicillin as soon as possible.

Can Osteomyelitis cause bone cancer if left untreated?

Osteomyelitis, is an infection of the bone, which is difficulty to treat due to low blood flow. Treatment is long (like 4 weeks) and usually via IV antibiotics. If you don't get that treated, bone cancer would be the least of your worry. You'd be more likely to die from the untreated infection sooner than any bone cancer can kill you.

After reviewing your x-ray of a tooth that had root canal 10 years ago an infection was discovered can this infection be treated with antibiotics as opposed to pulling the tooth?

It's possible, but the infection will most likely come back again. There is no telling when, but it will. A week, two years, no way to tell. - You can also see an endodontist for a retreatment where the old filling material is removed and replaced or an Apicoectomy, where a small incision is made on through the gum and bone and the tip of the root is treated and resealed. -RDH

Can an infection in toe cause it to eat bone dog?

An infection known as osteomyelitis can eat away at the bone of the dog. It can be contracted through the toe or any other part of the body. This occurs when the infection enters through an open wound.

Can you die from a badly broken bone?

Yes, if the bone pretrudes the skin infection can take place and if not treated you could die, or if the bone cut in to one of your main arteries you could.

What is a complex case of mastoiditis?

In complex mastoiditis, the infection penetrates through to the lining of the mastoid bone, resulting in a very severe and destructive infection of the mastoid bone itself.

What can happen if I have osteomyelitis and don't get treatment?

The infective organism will continue to reproduce in the bone. An abcess will form, stealing blood from the healthy bone and allowing the infection to continue to grow. The bone will be damaged and the infection can spread to other areas. The area may get diseased enough that amputation is necessary. Get treated for it.

Infection of the bone and bone marrow?


What is the Treatment for fluid in the mastoid bone?


What is the Medical term meaning infection of bone and bone marrow?

Osteomyelitis is the medical term meaning infection of bone and marrow.

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