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Length + width = half of perimeter so width = p/2 - length ie (22-12) 10 yards.

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How do you find the perimeter of a rectangular prism?

width*height*length=perimeter of a rectangular prism! :)

How can doubling the width of a rectangular rug affect the perimeter and area?

Doubling the width of a rectangular rug will affect the perimeter because the total length and width will be doubled. The area will be twice the length times the width.

Perimeter of rectangular?

Twice the (width plus length)

How do you find the perimeter of the base of a rectangular prism?

Perimeter = 2 x (length+width). You add the length to the width and multiply the sum by two.

The perimeter of a rectangular garden is 84 feet the length of the garden is twice the width?

If the perimeter is 84 feet and the length is twice the width, then the length will be 28 feet and the width will be 14 feet.

The perimeter of a standard- sized rectangular rug is 94 ft the length is 3 ft more than the width Find the length and the width?

The perimeter of a standard- sized rectangular rug is 94 ft. the length is 3 ft more than the width. Find the length and the width.

How do you get the area of a rectangle if you know the width perimeter and length?

you times the length by the width to get the area of any rectangular or square shapes

What is the length of a rectangular?

the length of a rectangular garden is 2 feet longer than 3 times it's width .if the perimeter of the garden is 100 feet find the width and length of the garden

Length of a rectange is 5m greater than the width the perimeter is 84m2 what is the length and width?

Rectangular perimeter = 2(Length + Width) Width = a Length = a+5 Then, 84 = 2(a+a+5) 42 = 2a+5 (42-5)/2 = a = 18.5m = Width Length = a+5 = 23.5m

How do you find the base of a rectangular prims if you know the length width and perimeter?

It isn't clear how you would define the "perimeter" for a 3D figure. The base is the product of length x width.

The perimeter of a rectangular painting is 322 centimeters If the width of the painting is 68 centimeters what is its length?

Do-it-in-your-head method: Length plus width is half the perimeter ie 161 cm, of which 68 is width so the length is 93 cm.

How do you measure the perimeter of a house?

measure the length and the width

How can you get the width when you have the perimeter and the length?

If the shape is a rectangle, then Perimeter = 2(Length + Width) So Width = Perimeter/2 - Length

If the perimeter is 48 If the length is twic the width what is the length of rectangle?

perimeter = (2*length) + (2*width) length = 2*width so perimeter = (2*2*width) + 2*width = 6*width perimeter = 48 so you can figure out the width and length

What is the perimeter of tile?

If it is a square tile, then 4*side If it is a rectangular tile, then 2*(length + Width)

What is perimeter of a rectangular poster?

2*(L+W) where L is the length and W is the width of the poster

What is one different way to to find the perimeter of a rectangle?

Length + length + width + width = perimeter. Length + width x 2 = perimeter

How do you find the length of a rectangle if the perimeter is 40 and the width is 2inches?

perimeter = 2 x (length + width) ⇒ length + width = perimeter ÷ 2 ⇒ length = (perimeter ÷ 2) - width So to find the length of the given rectangle, subtract the width from half the perimeter is how to do it. IF you meant "What is the length..." then: length = perimeter ÷ 2 - width = 40 ÷ 2 - 2 in = 20 - 2 in = 18 in

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