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No, I don't know what ur talkin bout

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Q: If their is a musical score available for the Berlin Affair?
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What does composition mean in musical terms?

A musical score or the process of creating a musical score.

Is the musical score available for the West Side Story Suite by David Brohn for violin and piano or violin and orchestra?

Brohn's score is for violin and orchestra and is available for rental through Boosey & Hawks

Is it accurate to call the person who does the musical score for a film musical score composer?

Composer or Film Composer

What is a musical manuscript called?


A is a composer's musical manuscript?


What is it called when a composer writes a musical manuscript?

Composed a musical piece

What is music made for a movie is called?

A musical score.

What is the blue print to a musical piece called?

score :-)

Integral part of musical score not to be omitted?


Another term for music score is?

musical codes

Who did the musical score for movie Braveheart?

James Horner.

What is the highest score in archery?

The highest score available in a single shot is a score of 10.

When was the score for the musical 'Wicked' published?

Publication of the musical score from the musical 'Wicked' is limited to vocal and piano/vocal/guitar. Both scores were published on June 1, 2004. The publisher in both cases was Hal Leonard Corporation.

Where can you buy the score for the musical 'Wicked'?

Try or

A composer writes a musical manuscript also called?


Vertical bar lines divide a musical score into what?


Who composed the famous musical score in jaws?

John Williams.

Integral parts of a musical score which cannot be omitted?


Composer writes a musical manuscript also called a?


Who wrote the musical score for Gone With the Wind?

It was Bernard Hermann

Who composed the musical score for The Lion King?

Hants boggie

Who wrote the musical score Harry Potter?

Mostly John Williams.

Who wrote the musical score for the West Side Story?

Leonard Bernstein

In music what is it called when you pluck a string?

'Pizzicato', or 'pizz.' in a musical score

When does a coda appear in a musical score?

a coda comes in the end of a song