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Needs to be repaired

The most obvious answer would be your trigger is disconnected, if that is not the case, your fire selector might be the problem (if the problem only occurs on either semi or full auto but not both). It could also be a problem with the battery or wiring systems. Other than that, it is possible that the motor is too weak to pull the spring (only really happens if you upgrade the spring but not the motor) or that it is completely broken. I would advise you to take it to a proffetional.

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Q: If there is no trigger response on an airsoft gun what is wrong with it?
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Does your electric airsoft gun still run when your trigger is not pulled?

Only if it is malfunctioning

Does it matter what kind airsoft ammo you use?

Yes I have a bunch of airsoft gun's and i have used ammo that is the wrong size... and i clogged the gun and had to take it apart to get it out.

What does single repeater mean for an airsoft gun?

It means that your airsoft gun can only fire one BB every time you pull the trigger (semi-auto). It's on the contrary to burst (fire three BBs in a single trigger pull) or full auto when you can fire a lot of BBs in a single trigger pull.

What is an auto trigger on a paintball gun?

you might might mean an autococker this is a type of paintball gun that automatically recocks itself or possible your speaking of a response trigger google tippmann a-5 with response trigger theres all the info you are gonna need !

How do you fix a p99 electric air soft gun when it makes a humming sound when you pull the trigger?

Their is probably a jam that is preventing the gears to turn. Stop pulling the trigger (it wears down the gun), and do one of these 3 option. A) Take apart the gun (at your own risk) and figure out what is wrong one step at a time. B) Take to a gun to someone with experience with airsoft gun maintenance experience. C) Buy a new gun

Should you get bike parts or an airsoft gun?

An Airsoft gun

What is semi auto on an air soft gun?

A Semi Automatic Airsoft gun is usually a Gas or Electric powered gun that you cock once when first shooting; then each time you pull the trigger the gun shoots off 1 shot. This is not the same thing as a Full Automatic Airsoft Gun, where you can hold down the trigger and the gun will shoot off multiple shots.

What is a pump airsoft gun?

A pump airsoft gun is a gun that has to be pumped every time before shooting. Ex. Airsoft shotgun

Can you put an electric airsoft gun magazine in a spring airsoft gun?


Does a kp5 sd6 airsoft gun need lube. its an electric airsoft gun.?


What is ppsh-41 airsoft?

It is an airsoft gun based of the PPSH-41 gun

What is the breech in the crosman stinger p9 airsoft gun and what does it do?

The breech area on any gun is the area where the pellet / bullet / BB is loaded into the barrel. The bullet stays here until the trigger is pulled.