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Some computer crimes (the general person with a computer doesn't know what is a crime on the computer and could commit one without realizing it) so you either didn't know or you knew exactly what you were doing and this is serious business. It all depends how serious the FEDS believe it is and if this is your first offence you may get lucky and hopefully have learned your lesson. It can take quite sometime to process your case for the DA. Since 9/11 people are being more scrutinized for their actions on computers, phone, airports, border crossings, etc. If one thinks they can hide behind a computer and get away with whatever they feel like think again. There are certain "key words" example: President ... death ... bomb ... weapons, that set off alarms to your own government. This is not the time to be playing games.

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Q: If there was a federal computer crime against you that has been investigated by the Feds already how long does it take for the DA to assign the case?
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