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Some computer crimes (the general person with a computer doesn't know what is a crime on the computer and could commit one without realizing it) so you either didn't know or you knew exactly what you were doing and this is serious business. It all depends how serious the FEDS believe it is and if this is your first offence you may get lucky and hopefully have learned your lesson. It can take quite sometime to process your case for the DA. Since 9/11 people are being more scrutinized for their actions on computers, phone, airports, border crossings, etc. If one thinks they can hide behind a computer and get away with whatever they feel like think again. There are certain "key words" example: President ... death ... bomb ... weapons, that set off alarms to your own government. This is not the time to be playing games.

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Investigated corporations and could prevent unfair trade practices?

Federal Trade Commission

What is the Loyalty Review Program?

Investigated all federal departments to uncover any hidden Soviet Agents.

What is a consequence for stealing mail?

Theft of US mail is investigated by the US Postal Inspection Service and is a Federal offense for which the maximum penalty can be incarceration in a Federal Penitientiary.

What is a computer surveillance program?

Computer surveillance is the act of monitoring computer activity and data being transmitted over the internet. The Federal government can use this for security measures against terrorists and corporations use it as a form of business intelligence

What is a federal indictment?

federal government file charges against you

When should there be an independent investigation into 9.11?

There doesn't need to be an independent investigation into 9.11, the federal government has investigated every aspect of 9.11.

already filed federal where can i file state taxes only for free onlineโ€?

already filed federal where can i file state taxes only for free online””

What court hears grievances against the federal government?

The U.S. Court of Claims hears cases dealing with claims against the federal government.

Is murder a federal crime?

If it is committed on Federal property, or against a Federal officer, yes it is prosecutable in Federal Court. Otherwise, it is normally prosecuted as a state offense.

How can you regulate hunting?

It is already regulated by state and federal government.

What type of cases are heard by the federal court?

Violations of Federal law, suits against the Federal government and disputes between states.

What happens if you don't pay your federal income taxes?

If you don't pay federal income taxes, eventually you will eventually be investigated by the IRS. From there you will either have the money taken from you, your wages garnished or you may go to prison depending on the severity of the crime.

What is a federal question case?

A federal question case takes place when the alleged plaintiff is charged with a violation against the United States Constitution. It can also a violation against federal law or a treaty which the United States is party to.

Should violence against women be a federal crime?

No !

Is being on camera against your will a federal offense?

Yes, being on camera is a federal offense and can be punishable for up to 10 years in federal prison.

Is there a case where someone went to jail for opening someones mail?

Several cases. Tampering with the US mail is a Federal felony, investigated by the US Postal Inspection Service. They have the highest conviction rate of any Federal Law Enforcement agency.

Does QuickBooks offer free federal tax filing?

Be careful of tax software that is offered for free, most legitimate software will cost you money. QuickBooks offers tax software at a price, check to see if it already came bundled with your computer purchase as sometimes people mistake it for being free when in fact it was already on their computer at the price of an additional 100$ or so at checkout.

Can the federal and state government both collect taxes?

They both already do.

Can the federal and state government both establish courts?

They both already do.

Which group was determined to add amendments protecting both the citizens and the states against federal power?

The Anti-Federalists wanted to protect citizens and the states against federal power.

What is the difference between federal criminal charges as opposed to just criminal charges?

Federal criminal charges are when a crime has been committed specifically against a federal law. Simple criminal charges are more general and the crime might have been committed against a federal or national law.

What is a federal government agency which insures federal chartered banks and savings and loans against loss called?

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

Is Brazil federal or unitary?

your a sucker, dont trust the computer :/

Does the federal court have jurisdiction to hear FDA cases?

Yes. Federal courts can hear questions of federal law. Since the FDA is a federal agency, actions brought by it or against it will generally be brought in federal court.

Can a federal court overrule an opinion of a state court?

No, not if its a matter of state law. It must be a federal issue for a federal court to overturn an issue already decided by a state court.