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If three electical outlets do not work and the circuit breaker is fine with no blown fuses what should you check next to try to fix the problem?


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2015-07-15 19:27:12
2015-07-15 19:27:12

Is everything on that circuit breaker not working? Breakers will go bad sometimes.

Get yourself an inexpensive receptacle tester (~$4.00 at hardware stores) and test each outlet. It looks like a plug with 3-4 lights on the end. It will diagnose simple problems (no hot, no ground, no neutral, reversed wires) and can aid in diagnosis.


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A breaker trips when there is too much current. If you unplug everything on the circuit and the breaker still trips then you have a wiring problem or a bad breaker. From your description it is not possible to be certain if the problem started when you installed new outlet or previously. You have to describe your problem in better detail to get a good answer. When you have a circuit that trips the corresponding breaker, you need to go through each outlet on the circuit and rule it out as the problem. This can be done by pulling each outlet, from the wall and systematically remove wires from outlets while power is off and determining when problem goes away.

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It is a relay or switch problem. A circuit breaker or fuse won't keep a light on.

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There is only one circuit breaker to my knowledge and it is for the power windows. I have a 1968 Fleetwood and it is very similar. What exactly is the problem?

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You need to identify specifically what is causing the breaker to trip. It could just be that you have to many devices or appliances on the circuit; or it could be a problem with the wiring, switches or outlets. Some steps to take. 1.) Unplug everything from the circuit. If it doesn't trip anymore you had too much plugged in. Identify what can be switched to another circuit. 2.) What device or appliance causes the problem? It is most likely something like a heater or something with a motor; or perhaps too many higher wattage light bulbs. 3.) If the breaker always trips when it rains, you may have a water moisture problem? 4.) If the breaker trips when nothing is connected it may be the breaker or a short in an outlet or switch.

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The purpose of a circuit breaker in a panel is to protect the wiring and devices like switches, outlets and other devices that are part of that circuit. It isn't unusual to plug in an appliance into a circuit whose amperage rating is less than the breaker protection. If such an appliance doesn't have its own over-current protection it may well "fry" in an over current situation. However, if your 40 Amp device is directly connect to the 70 A circuit and has no over-current protection on its own you are risking a serious problem. If your 40 A device is on this dedicated circuit you should protect it with a properly sized breaker.

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