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one third

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Q: If twothirds of Yellowstone park was not destroyed how much is left?
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How much of Yellowstone Park was destroyed by fire?

Fires are a natural part of Yellowstone ecosystem, with out fire some trees wouldn't be able to reproduce.

How much damage will yellowstone cause if it blows agian?

handful of human race left, if lucky

How much of Yellowstone does Yellowstone Caldera cover?

About half. It is considered an active super-volcano.

Does Yellowstone National Park have a desert?

No, Yellowstone does not have a desert. It receives much too much precipitation each year to be classified as a desert.

What Yellowstone Park stone had without wolves?

when there were no wolves in yellowstone park yellowstone park had to much elks so when the wolves arrived again the wolves killed all the elks

How much does it cost for lodging at Yellowstone?

It costs about $200 to $400 a night for lodging at Yellowstone. You can see the price and read more about it at

Why is rhyolite found in Yellowstone National Park?

Yellowstone is the site of a very large volcano that is often referred to as a supervolcano. Much of what it erupts is rhyolite.

Why is Yellowstone important?

Yellowstone National Park is important because there is much to study there about the formation of volcanoes, the age of the earth, and different plants and animals. Yellowstone National Park is one of the few places in the United States that is pretty much the same as it was when settlers came to the West, except for the highways.

How much of Nuremberg was destroyed in World War 2?

According to James May from Top Gear - not enough, as it left the race track!. About 90% of Nuremberg was destroyed in just one nighttime bombing raid. Subsequent bombing raids probably destroyed another 5%. So in reality - all of Nuremberg was destroyed.

Yellowstone caldera ready to blow its cork?

The Yellowstone caldera is a supervolcano located in Yellowstone National Park. While it is an active volcanic system, there is no current indication that it is about to erupt. The USGS monitors Yellowstone closely, and any signs of increased volcanic activity would be detected well in advance.

How did cyclone Tracy impact Darwin?

71 people were killed. Much of the city was destroyed. Many airplanes were destroyed at the airport. Many people left the city and never returned. Much of the city had to be rebuilt, making it a very different city to what it was before the cyclone hit.

Is Yellowstone national park bigger than the UK?

No, not even close. Yellowstone N.P. has an area of 8,983 km⁲, compared to 243,610 km⁲ for the United Kingdom. You could fit Yellowstone into the UK 27 times with room to spare. Yellowstone is a little bit bigger than Puerto Rico, but smaller than Cyprus or Lebanon. Yellowstone is almost 3½ times as large as Luxembourg, but Belgium is more than 3 times as large as Yellowstone.