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If urine is old will a drug test show it?

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does old urine show up in tests

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Can you use 24 hour old urine for a drug test?

No. When given a drug test you will be watched to make sure you don't cheat. The chemicals used will be able to tell that the urine is old as well as what drugs you have taken. If they have any doubt with a urine test they can test your hair and that will show what drugs you have had.

Can you use old urine for a drug test?

No. It must be fresh for a definitive test.

I have old urine. Can I use it for a drug test?

ok just got the synthetic 5 urine? my bro going to take a drug test? but he does not know if he take a saliva test or urine test? but he heated up the synthetic 5 urine and put the heatpad on it?but did not need the synthetic urine at the drug test ? will the synthetic 5 urine be reuseable after he heated it up already?

Can old urine cause false positive on a drug test?

Yes it can. Using old urine it will not have a proper Ph balance which will cause you to fail

Can you use old clean urine to pass a drug test?

No, from chemical percentage, they are able to tell how long that urine as been out of the bladder. Urine's chemical composition will change with time. Using old urine to pass a drug test is not a good idea since this trick has been used by many and they devised ways to test urine for age.

Can you tell the age of a person from urine test?

Idiots on here. The person is asking as obviously they are trying to use someone else's urine to pass a drug test. If a 50 year old man turns in urine that is determined to be from a 16 year old man, and they can tell, that means the test is failed.

If the urine is old will it test posative for drugs if urine is really clean of drugs but just old?

no... but, drug tests show how old the urine is and the urine is always tested with a thermometer to make sure that it is YOUR body temp... the best way to pass a urine test is to know how long drugs will be in your system dont smoke weed one month before a drugs test dont take exstacy, cocaine, ketamine etc 1-2 weeks before a drugs test... LSD on the other hand (my specialist subject) cannot be traced after 6 hours of taking it... NO drugs tests test for acid :) hope this helps :)

Will carbamazepine shows in drug test?

No, I took a drug test yesterday and it not show up for me. I'm a 26 year old male, who just applied for a job and got it. Took a drug test and still got called back.

Can you pass a urine test with 7 day old refrigerated urine?

the test can result in negative but with that said the urine would not be body temperature and that would be a huge red flag to whom ever is giving the drug test. so yes you could pass but the test giver would know it's probably not yours.

When does urine get too old for drug test?

not if it's kept refrigerated, but then it's harder getting it back up to 98 degrees

Can you use 3 day old urine for a lab test?

No, three day old urine will probably not be useful for a lab test. Urine should be as recent as possible - preferably less than an hour old when tested. The age of the urine will affect the results differently depending on the type of test(s) being performed. If a test cannot be performed immediately, urine should be refrigerated (but not frozen).

Can old urine be used in a drug test?

Yes, but only if it has been freezedried and reconstituted within 2 hours before the test. Urine generally is of no use once it has been exposed to the air. It's only good if you don't allow it time & atmosphere to spoil. Anomal urine can also be used, and is undetectable, as they don't test for source, but only what is in it.

What does a 90 degree urine sample mean?

that its old, fresh urine samples are usually between those temperatures. So if taking a drug test it can spotted that someone may have brought in someone else's urine because it isn't hot/fresh

Demon botanical spicy show on drug test?

No it does not. If it's the old brand it has JWH in it, if its the new kind then who knows what the f*** is in it.

Does old urine work for drug tests?

ive never had a problem with it ive never tryed it on a lab test tho just thoes shity at home 1

Can two day old urine pass a drug test?

Yes as long as it doesn't smell rotten. Do not keep near a source of heat, instead refrigerate, but don't freeze.

Does Old Navy drug test?

yes every place drugs test

Is it possible to use someone else urine for drug test?

yes it is. as ling as the urine is less than 24 hours old it should be fine. the key here is to make sure they don't check temperature. if they are gonna test temp, just buy a hand warmer and keep it wrapped around whatever your storing the urine in. it works with synthetic urine (find at a headshop) as well.

Can urine get old?

Yes, of course. A better question would be why would you care as long as you're not planning on drinking it. Urine for a drug test must be fresh. The tester will refuse a sample you bring in already done, because it could be anyone's.

Will 5 day old refrigerated urine work on a drug test?

no it will not work after five days unless it has been refridgerated n the only way it will work is if u refridgerate it immediately

Can you substitute a 4 yr old boy's urine for a female adult in a drug test?

Of course you can.You can also walk into the test with a sign around your neck reading "I'm a drug user who's going to make a feeble attempt to fool you", which will have approximately the same results except for when the tester starts laughing at you.

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