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because youre pregnant for the full 9 months which equals to 40wks

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Are women pregnant for 10 months?

Some are. An average pregnancy is 40 weeks and some women go over.

How many weeks will you be pregnant for?

You'll be pregnant for 9 months, about 40 weeks.

Can a women be pregnant years and not know it?

Since a pregnancy only lasts 40 weeks (10 months) the answer has to be no.

How many months is 33 weeks of pregnancy?

There are 40 weeks in pregnancy (that is nine months pregnant). At 33 weeks regnant you would be 7 months and 1 week pregnant.

How many months are women pregnant?

You are pregnant for 40 weeks, which equals 10 months. Doctors give you a 4 week window that allows you to either deliver 2 weeks early or two weeks later then your actual due date. So they consider your pregnancy 9 months, but when at the doctors they count by weeks not months.

How Many Months Do You Stay Pregnant?

most human females are pregnant for 40 weeks, which works out to 9 months.

If your a month pregnant how many weeks are you?

Pregnancy is measured in lunar months. So you'd be 4.4 weeks pregnant!40 weeks = 9 months + 1 week4.4 weeks = 1 month

How many weeks is a cow in calf?

A cow is pregnant, or 'in calf', for approximatly 40 weeks (9 months).

If my hCG count 189 how many weeks pregnant would i be?

usually 40 weeks/9 months

How many weeks is a woman pregnant?

40 weeks is a normal period. So almost ten months.

What is the average time a woman is pregnant?

40 weeks 9 months typically, because most months have more than 4 weeks

How many weeks are you pregnant after your conceived?

Most women deliver between 37-40 weeks after conception

How many months are in 40 weeks?

40 weeks is 10 months. is wrong Pregnancy is 9 months. Every month but february has about 4 and a half weeks in it (not 4 weeks). 4 weeks is 28 days, and usually months have 30 or 31 days. Also, you are really only pregnant for 38 weeks. The baby's gestational age is calculated from the first day of the mother's last period, which is about 2 weeks BEFORE conception (I know, it's weird). So you are pregnant almost exactly 9 months. 40 weeks = 9 months ¦ 4.445 weeks = 1 month

How many days are you pregnant for?

You are pregnant for approximately 280 days. That is if you go the full 40 weeks (9 months) and if you count from your last period. Most women don't have there baby on their due date (in fact most first-time moms deliver at 41 weeks if not induced) Obviously you aren't pregnant for the first 14 days or so (until ovulation) and most women don't know they are pregnant for another 14 days after that. So really it's less time but 280 days/40 weeks/ 9 months is how long you are pregnant.

40 weeks is how many months?

40 weeks is 9 months

If you'r 30 weeks pregnant are you 6 and a half months?

7 and a half. Normal pregnancy is about 40 weeks.

Are you really pregnant for 10 months?

Yes, these days the Dr. says 40 weeks and that equals out to be 10 months!

If you are 26 weeks pregnant how many months are you?

At 40 wks you are full term. Do the math.

How many months pregnant are you if you are 32 weeks pregnant today?

Four weeks in a month. Thirty-two divided by four is eight. If you are 32 weeks pregnant, you are 8 months along. Another way to look at it is the human gestation is 40 weeks. Forty minus 32 is 8 (two months--40 calendar weeks is a day or so less 10 calendar months, a calendar month is an average 30 days). You're in the home stretch.

Can a girl be pregnant for ten months?

No, the normal gestation period is nine months (40 weeks) and medical intervention would be made after around 42 weeks.

Is 5 months greater than or less than 40 weeks?

5 months are less that 40 weeks

Is the school 10 months or 40 weeks?

Both. 10 months is 40 weeks.

I'm 26 weeks pregnant how many months and days do you have left?

You have roughly 14 weeks left because pregnancy lasts 40 weeks

Does it take exactly nine months for a woman to give birth after she's gotten pregnant?

No. The pregnancy calendar is crazy!! A woman is actually two weeks pregnant when she actually has sex to conceive. So by the time she finds out she is pregnant (2 weeks later) she is actually four weeks pregnant technically. Most women will deliver around 40 weeks of pregnancy (which if you figure up is about 10 months!). Some women will deliver earlier while others will deliver later. If a woman goes too much past the due date, then the doctor will induce her.

How long is a human being pregnant for?

A human female is pregnant for around 40 weeks. Some women deliver sooner and some deliver later. Most all women naturally deliver by 42 weeks.

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