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Q: If yeast grows without oxygen it will make?
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What gas does yeast and hydrogen peroxide make?

I think its oxygen

Can you make whiskey without yeast?

Dang shore can.

How do you make wine without yeast?

You cannot make wine without yeast of some form. Yeast is necessary to convert the sugars in fruit juice into alcohol. Without yeast, alcohol production is not possible. Even the colloquial form of winemaking that takes place in institutions of incarceration utilizes naturally occurring yeast, or may be rudimentarily "jump-started" using bread yeast.

Which type of organism is used to make bread rise when baking?

Yeast is a living organism that is used to make the dough rise.

What role does yeast play in making beer?

Beer is usually made by fermenting malted barley. This is the barley seeds which have just sprouted, and are high in a sugar called maltose. Yeast take this sugar and convert it to alcohol in a zero oxygen environment. If oxygen were present, they would instead make vinegar instead. Different yeasts are used to make different beers, such as ales, lagers, stouts, etc. Yeast is also used to make other alcoholic beverages such as wine and liquor. Without yeast, no alcohol would be made, and no one would get drunk.

Can yeast make dough rise without sugar?

With yeast, one of yeasts main point is to make dough rise.

How do you make baked donuts without yeast?

go to tim hortons

What type of microbe is yeast?

Yeast is made up of molds and mushrooms which are members of the Kingdom of Fungi.The type of Microbe yeast uses is carbon dioxide which produces bubbles in bread (make it rise) and Ethanol produced (Evaporates when baking)

What plants make yeast?

No plants make yeast. Yeast is a fungus.

Can fermentation happen without yeast?

Fermentation can take place when making wine without yeast. As when the grapes used to make the wine are crushed, the skins of the grape release yeast, as they already contain it, ready to mix with the sugar from the juice of the actual grape. :)

How do you make pretzels without yeast?

Pretzels are made with yeast dough. Cake yeast could be substituted for dry yeast, or one might make a "sponge" or sour dough starter which uses wild yeasts from the air. But some sort of yeast must be used in order to make actual pretzels.

When do ethanolic fermentation take place?

When yeast is added to carbohydrates, or sugar solutions, and left at a maximum temperature of 37˚C in an environment without oxygen. Ethanol and carbon dioxide would be produced. However, it is impossible to make pure ethanol as yeast is killed when the mixture contains more than 15% ethanol.