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Yes, soy milk is free from lactose and casein.

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Could you drink goats milk if your allergic to milk?

Yes. People who are allergic to cows' milk (deemed as "regular" milk) are allergic to lactose. These same people are lactose-intolerant. Since goats' milk does not contain lactose, you could drink it.

If you're allergic to cows are you able to drink cow's milk?

Yes you are, you aren't allergic to the milk, if you were you would be lactose intolerant. You are only allergic to the dander and the hair.

What do pet rats drink?

Usually water. Rats can also drink soy milk. But don't give them cows milk, they are allergic to it. And no soda, rats can't burp and if they have to much they will die!!

Does a cow drink milk?

No. Cows drink water, not milk.

Why don't cows drink milk?

Cows don't drink milk because they have no need for it. They're adults, not babies.

Do cats like to drink water?

Yep, cats also love goat milk or pet approved milk. Some cats are allergic to cows milk while others are fine with it.

Does milk come from cows and calf?

Cows only. Calves drink the milk from their mothers.

Can pot belly pig drink cows milk?

Cows milk is to rich for pigs.

Could a cow drink human milk?

No. Cows don't need to drink milk: they drink water, not milk.

Did Native Americans drink milk?

yes they do drink milk because they had cows

What do cows drink besides water?

Cows ONLY drink water. They do NOT drink milk, and cannot drink milk otherwise they will get quite sick with diarrhea and rumen upset.

What happens when a dog drinks cows milk?

cows milk is the milk we drink so if dogs drink it nothing really happens its just like water if we drink it its fine and if dogs drink it its fine.

Why don't we drink milk from angus cows?

Angus cows are beef cows, not dairy cows. Holsteins are dairy cows, not beef cows, which is where we get the majority of our milk from.

Can you drink milk on methadone?

Of course you can as long as your not allergic to milk.

How do babies drink milk if they're allergic to milk?

Babies who are allergic to milk can be given an alternative such as one called laxigen.

Are Muslims allowed to drink milk?

Yes they can drink milk from cows, sheeps, etc

Do baby rabbits drink cows milk?

No, they drink milk from their mother and water from the rain.

Can you drink goats milk?

Yes if you are not allergic to it.

Milk Milk Milk What Do Cows Drink?

With this trick question, most people will say "Milk," (which is not true) just for the fun of the questioner catching the questionee off guard. Cows drink water, not milk.

Does all milk you drink come from cows?

Not necessarily, you can get goats milk, sheeps milk and even horse milk but the most common is cows milk.

Is milk bad for your guniea pigs?

Cows milk is. Not their mothers milk is not. Cows milk will make their tummy upset. Give them water to drink.

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