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if you are 21 weeks pregnant when was conception?

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Q: If you are 21 weeks pregnant when was your conception?
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When did you conceive if your first ultrasound showed you that you were 5 weeks pregnant on June 8?

It depends if you were five weeks pregnant or five weeks from conception. If five weeks pregnant you conceived around 18 May, if five weeks from conception you conceived around 4 May. If you could see a heartbeat you were 5 weeks from conception.

How long it takes to know you are pregnant?

Usually two weeks after conception.

If you were 6 weeks pregnant when was the conception date?

depends when your due date is....

How long till you know you are pregnant?

2 weeks after conception at the earliest

What the earliest by blood can you find out if your pregnant?

Around 2 weeks after conception.

How long after conception do you know if you are pregnant?

The earliest you can take a pregnancy test is 2 weeks after sex. It takes 2 weeks until conception has finished.

How many weeks are you pregnant after your conceived?

Most women deliver between 37-40 weeks after conception

If you are twelve weeks pregnant when was conception?

Twelve weeks and few days - sometimes 1 but sometimes 6.

What is the normal weeks of a full term pregnant woman?

40 weeks fromthe start of the last period, 38 weeks from conception.

Can you get period pain after conception?

yes you can. i had period pains about 12 weeks into my pregnancy. i am now 37 weeks pregnant.

How soon can you find out you are pregnant with a home pregnancy test?

2 weeks after conception at the earliest

When do they test pregnant women?

A person can take a pregnancy test two weeks after conception.

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