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Yes its normal. Its most likely the position the baby is laying in which is causing you to feel achy and his/her constant movement in your tummy is probably making you feel tired. However its VERY common to become anemic during pregnancy so see your doctor.

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Q: If you are 30 weeks pregnant and you know it is normal to feel tired but is it normal to feel so tired you feel achy and in the morning you feel fine again?
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Is it normal for pregnant women feel tired all the time?

Yes. Many women feel tired a lot of the time when they are pregnant, especially in the beginning, and it is perfectly normal.

You are 7 weeks pregnant and have not been feeling that tired Is this normal?

Perfectly normal.

If your pregnant can you get dizzy other than morning sickness?

absolutely, when you get too tired or not eat properly

Why do you feel so sick and tired in the morning and every morning your belly hurts really bad?

Morning sickness. Either your sick, got bad gas in the morning, or......your pregnant. Go see a doctor!!

Do you get tired when you are pregnant?

yes you will get tired

7 weeks pregnant and you haven't been vomiting Is this normal because you do feel very sick and tired but am not actually throwing up?

We're all different. I'm 6 weeks pregnant and I don't feel sick and I haven't had morning sickness. Being tired is a given though...take your vitamins to drag yourself through the day. Not getting sick a totally normal sign of is throwing up all the time. It could happen later or not at all. Morning sickness doesnt run in my I'm hoping I get lucky.

How do you feel when your a month pregnant?

Tired! You will want to sleep a lot and it's normal so take naps!

You are constantly nausous very tired and food doesn't taste normal what is wrong?

You could be pregnant if you're female

You were 8 days late for your period had it and now your always tired and certain smells make you nauseous could you be pregnant?

The morning nausea and this due to the smell are two different things, you may not be pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you got your period as usual last week but for the last month or 2 you've been feeling very tired with stomach cramps and nausea?

If your last period was lighter than normal for you then you may be pregnant. Or you may have a virus which is making you feel so tired.

What could be wrong 36M likes to be active but for the last 10yrs gets tired easilly not normal tired week tired but still strong as normal?

get your heart checked

Your dog is breathing heavy is she sick?

She could be pregnant or just tired and wore out. If she is eating well, she is most likely tired. If not, she could be pregnant.

Is it normal for a teenager to always be tired?

It is generally not normal to always feel tired, especially if you are a teenager. You should consult a doctor.

Why do you get tired when you are pregnant?

The reason for you being tired when you are pregnant is because your body is working harder for two people which is you and your baby and the heart pumps blood faster for about of you.

Is it normal for reading glasses to make your eyes tired?

no, its not normal

Can you be pregnant and not experience being tired in your first trimester?

Yes, everyone is different. Some people never experience any pregnancy symptoms, while others have every sypmtom known to man. Not being tired is completely normal.

When you wake up in the morning how do you feel?


How do you feel refreshed in the morning when you are tired?

go for a run

If your not tired could you still be pregnant?


What does it mean if you are always tired?

You are Probably Pregnant

You are tired all the time could you be pregnant?


You think you are pregnant what are signs?

feel bloating and want to eat more often than usually notice breast is bigger and some of my clothes are tight and feel tired when i get up in the morning

You are 7 weeks pregnant and you dont really feel tired at night Is this normal?

Every pregnancy is somewhat different from not worry that the lack of tiredness will affect your pregnancy.

Why do sri lankan pregnant women look so tired?

You'd be tired too if you were carrying a baby!

Im pregnant and really tired is this normal?

this is very normall... i went through the same thing when i was pregnant with my son.. i loved to sleep.. its the right thing to do.. do what your body tells you...your the only one who knows what u need when it comes to rest.