If you are 5 days late on a period and you take a home test and it comes up a faint positive and then start bleeding am you pregnant and is in safe to be consuming alcohol?

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Go see your Doctor or stop by a free medical clinic for a pregnancy test. If you suspect you may be pregnant (If you have to ask this question, you obviously have concerns)it is never "safe" to consume alcohol for you and your health, or for your (possible) fetus.
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Is it possible to be pregnant and not have a positive home pregnancy test after being four days late for your period?

%REPLIES%. Answer . It isn't very likely, but I guess it's possible. You are probably just late for your period though. I was a week late two months in a row and I am normally a very regular person with my periods. It just happens sometimes.. Answer . It is very possible. I myself can NEV ( Full Answer )

Could you be pregnant if you have a very faint positive pregnancy test and then 2 days of spotting and then a negative result followed by bleeding that is more like your period?

it sounds like you used a early detecion pt. it is possible that you were pregnant and had a very early mc. it would explain the faint positive than negative. But their could be other reasons like medication, elevated hcg levels for other resons than pregnancy Pregnancy tests have also been known t ( Full Answer )

Are you pregnant if you were two weeks late for your period and a pregnancy test was positive and you had symptoms but then started bleeding 7 days later or was the test defective?

Answer . Honey, if it was a clear positive, trust me you are pregnant. But get to the doctor soon, hopefully you didn't miscarry.. Answer . On rare occasions you can encounter a false positive due to improper testing, expired pregnancy tests, rare medical conditions such as certain types of c ( Full Answer )

If you are 3 days late no period and faint positive what does this mean?

Answer . \nYou are pregnant!\n. \nAt three days late your body is not producing enough HGC to make the pregnancy test show a definite positive.\n. \nPregnancy tests rarely give false-positives. They may give you a negative answer and be wrong. But they rarely give you a positive (even if it ( Full Answer )

Is it possible to get pregnant the day before the start of your period and when is it safe to take a pregnancy test?

Yes. You can get pregnant at any time. Even while you are having your period.. It is safe to take a test any time you want to. But you will be pretty much wasting your time/money unless you wait till at least 2 days after the day you should have had your period.. The pregnancy hormone has to build ( Full Answer )

Can you be pregnant if your period is 5 days late and an ovulation test indicates positive and a pregnancy is negative?

Answer . \nYes there is a very high chance that you could be pregnant just give your self more time I know it's hard to sit and wait but by the end of this week go get a free pregnancy test from any doctors office good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!. Answer . \nhttp://www.coolnurse.com/birthcontrol.htm\n ( Full Answer )

If your periods are regular and you have faint positive home preg test and weakly positive blood test and had periods after 2 weeks from expected date could you be pregnant?

Answer . If you had a faint positive home test and a weakly positive blood that could indicate pregnancy but the periods or bleading can mean a possible miscarriage. I had a friend who had similar situation and suffered a miscarriage. It may not mean this at all as there are also people who hav ( Full Answer )

If you were 2 weeks late for your period took a hpt and there was a faint line but then had light bleeding for three days and 4 days after started to have brown spotting am you still pregnant?

Answer . if the pregnancy test was positive then you are pregnant. Sometimes there will be a really faint line that disappears before the test is complete. If it was positive unless you have a normal RED discharge you should still be pregnant. There is a lot of pain and cramping with a miscarria ( Full Answer )

Are you pregnant if you are 50 days late on your period but have had four negative home pregnancy tests?

Answer . You could have something else going on like a huge amount of stress. I am in the same boat and I mean the SAME boat. I am under a bunch of stress but stress never ever stopped my cycle. I have done two prego test but I took them during the middle of the day. I will try one first thing i ( Full Answer )

Your periods are 10 days delayed and your first home test which was taken one day before the period was faint positive and day after another was negative and another day also negative are you pregnant?

Although I have heard that you can never have a false positive (because when you're pregnant you produce a certain hormone that the at home pregnancy tests detect), there could be different reasons your period is late. Stress and many other health problems could be a factor. I would definitely check ( Full Answer )

You had three home pregnaries test and they were all positive you took them five days before it was time for your period and you woke up this morning bleeding so you still be pregnant?

First, if you are bleeding a large amount of bright red--more than 1 pad/tampon in a short time (hour or so) or if you are passing large clots--PLEASE GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM NEAREST YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't ask a computer, ask a medical professional, please. Second, if you are spotting or just s ( Full Answer )

I started bleeding 5 days ago I took a pregnancy test tonight and it says positive. How do I know if I am pregnant or not?

When you started bleeding.... was this the normal time for your period to start? Was it light spotting and is that what made you think about taking the pregnancy test? Without knowing these answers, it's kinda hard to say. However, if you took a home pregnancy test and the results were positive, ( Full Answer )

Could I be pregnant if my period is twelve days late but I have a negative home pregnancy test?

\nA negative test could also be the result of a phantom pregnancy. A phantom pregnancy is where you basically fool your mind and body into thinking it is pregnant. You will still experience pregnancy symptoms but you are not actually pregnant; it is al psychological Some women have even been able to ( Full Answer )

Your period is ten days late and your home pregnancy test was negative Are you pregnant?

Missing a menstrual period is a lot more common than most people realize. It often occurs as a result of undergoing a lot of stress. Stress can disrupt the normal hormonal balance in your body, causing your period to come late, or skip for one month. Some other typical causes of missed periods inclu ( Full Answer )

Can someone be pregnant if their period is 6 days late 2 home tests said negative and they barely started spotting lightly?

It's possible. When I got pregnant with my first son, I spotted a little bit the first month. I took a home test and it said negative, so I just figured I was just having a light month and left it at that. I've never been regular, so I never questioned it. The next month, when I did not get my perio ( Full Answer )

Can you be pregnant if you period is late but you still bleed later on but its iregualr bleeding and you take a pregnancy test at the hospital but it comes out negative could the blood of affected it?

Bleeding during pregnancy can happen. However if bleeding does happen during a confirmed pregnancy, consult your medical facility. Irregular periods are nothing to be concerned about most of the time. For a sexually active person, especially one using birth control methods such as the pill, irregul ( Full Answer )

You are 2 weeks late on your period and 5 days ago you took a pregnancy test and it said negative but you still haven't started can you be pregnant?

There is a possibility that you are. a strong one. But if you've been through a lot of stress or haven't been getting enough sleep that may do it to. I went through the same thing with my son. At first my periods were regular and on time. Then after my last period it was late so just like you I wait ( Full Answer )

You have took a pregnancy test with a faint positive and i was a day late and now i am bleeding?

Are you bleeding like a 'normal' period or spotting, heavy or not? Both of the times that I was pregnant my positive result was quite faint as my hormone levels were still pretty low and the second time that I tested positive I bled heavy a few days later, went into the ER and everything was just fi ( Full Answer )

My period is 12 days late i have taken 5 tests all show up neg what is the chances I'm pregnant?

quite low. maybe 5%. THE HORMONE those tests test for is unmistakeable. If its not present your not pregnant. it may take more than 12 days to show up but even then id ask myself if ive changed anything that impacts your cycle. ie overall health, stress, other medecines, especially hormones like bir ( Full Answer )

Period is 4 days late which is rare. Took a home pregnancy test came back negative. Started getting the urge to throw up today. Could I be pregnant?

Are you stressed about something? Stress or anxiety tend to delay (or sometimes skip) a regular period. If you are nervous about being pregnant that could have caused the urge to throw up. 99% of the time a pregnancy test doesn't lie... if you still havent had a period by next week you should call y ( Full Answer )

Your period was 1month late home and doc tests were negative then got a light bleed lasting 4 days are you pregnant or was it a late period?

I don't know for sure but my period was 1.5 months late once and i did a pregnancy test which was negative. The next day i got my period and I'm not pregnant so I think it's just a late period. Your mind probably gets worked up about not getting it and therefore prevents it but as soon as you confir ( Full Answer )

Your periods are 10 days late and your pregnancy test is negative which you did 5 days back and 1 day back you had only bleeding stains.Can i be pregnant?

Most definitely, I had a negative pregnancy test when 2 week's late before finding out I was pregnant. Sometimes even the most regular person will ovulate at a different time in their cycle and if you conceive days before your period is due then the test could show up a false negative. And I have he ( Full Answer )