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== == Wearing women's underwear doesn't make you gay or straight. You're a crossdresser (sometimes called a transvestite), but that doesn't say anything about whether you prefer to have sex with men or women. Or both. It just says that you enjoy wearing women's underwear.

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Q: If you are a man who loves to wear women's underwear are you gay?
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Why do guys like wearing thongs?

They are either GAY or they just like wearing womens underwear and clothing. or they love girls too much and they want to wear them. i am 13 and i wear girls underwear all the time because i love girls too much and the girl underwears are really comfortable to wear.

What is gay men briefs?

Gay men wear the same kinds of underwear as straight men.

Does wearing womens undergarments make you gay?

Wearing women's underwear doesn't make you gay or straight. You're a crossdresser (sometimes called a transvestite).

What type of underwear do men wear?

If your straight... then wear boxer briefs or boxers If your romantic... wear thongs If your "sexy underwear" If your like me... wear boxer briefs BOXER BRIEFS

You are a 15-year-old male and like to wear female underwear at home does this mean you are gay?

No, this does not mean you are gay! plenty of men like to wear womens clothes but have no physical or mental attraction to the same sex. Also a large section of drag queens (men dressed as women) are not gay and have normal lives and relationships. If you are not sexually attracted to men then you are not gay. This is quite common among teenagers and adults alike. Most of the boy's who talk about this say it is because they like the feel and comfort of the female underwear. They do not have any other reason to be wearing it. It is worth noting that females wear male underwear for the same reasons. Even if you were wearing womens clothes for sexual satisfaction then you would not necessarily be gay either. Many men like dressing in female clothes at home but lead absolutely normal lives aside from this. You are gay if you are sexually attracted to the same sex as yourself.

If your boyfriend likes to wear women's underwear should you be concerned?

yes you should be concerned ... no i like panties and i am not gay. if he is gay then i would be worried

What if a boy wore girls underwear?

it prabably mean hes gay or cant find his under wear

Do gay teenage boys wear g strings?

Maybe a small percent will wear them but most wouldn't be comfortable wearing ladies underwear.

Is Eddie Izzard gay?

Eddie Izzard is not gay, he just likes to wear womens clothes from time to time. He calles him self a "Male Lesbian."

Is it gay for a man to wear womens lingerie?

nope, he probably just likes wearing them or he might feel comfortable in them however some that do are gay but they probably have a fetish or sumat

Is yardley Alexander adame gay?

he is very gay!!! he loves dick he is very gay!!! he loves dick

You are not turned on by womens vagina are you gay?

no not necessarily.

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