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If you are about 20 days late for your period and have pregnancy symptoms but took 2 pregnancy tests and they were both negative what should you do?


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2015-07-16 18:30:17
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Go get a blood test!

If you are pregnant is it possible the tests are negative because there is not enough HCG being released into your urine. In this case, it takes longer to detect pregnancy through urine.

You need to see your doctor for a pregnancy blood test. Ask for the QUANTITATIVE BETA HCG BLOOD TEST. You'll know without a doubt if you're pregnant or not with this test.

I was 9 1/2 weeks pregnant with my first child before they found out I was pregnant. Urine pregnancy tests does not work on me. It was that way with my son, too. But they did a blood test on my at 4 weeks to tell if I was pregnant.


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You should consider waiting for your period or just go to the doctor to check it out

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It is highly unlikley since menstural symptoms often mock pregnancy symptoms. Especially since you had your period that means the egg did not get fertilized. But if you have anymore concerns you should contact your doctor.

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The Depo shot may cause pregnancy symptoms. These are generally involving a loss of period or reduced period, however a pregnancy test should be taken if pregnancy is suspected.

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you can take a home pregnancy test as soon as you think you are late from your period. if you think that you are pregnant but the test proved not and you still have the symptoms then you should maybe take another test as there is no harm in this. if still this proves negative and symptoms still persist then you should contact your doctor.

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