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Yes they can because you have two charges against you and each one has to be handled in court separately. The judge will look at the person before him and if it is a first misdemeanor offence will generally go easy on that person, but two is getting up there and it appears that person has not learned their lesson. Laws are for a reason and without them people get out of control.

Technically, yes.

It is highly unlikely that would happen if the misdemeanor convictions were concurrent.

On the other hand if the second offense was committed while the person was on probation, the person will be required to serve the original sentence that was suspended in lieu of probation as well as any sentence resulting from a second conviction.

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Q: If you are charged with two misdemeanors and receive probation for one in a plea bargain can the probation be revoked as a result of the decision on the second charge?
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What is a mistorminor?

A misdemeanor is a lesser criminal offense that a person can be charged with. Misdemeanors are not as serious as being charged with a felony.

How can you violate when your not on probation?

If you are referring stictly to a Violation of Probation charge (VOP) then you can't charged with a VOP if you're NOT on probation. However, you can "violate" any law at any time and be charged with the offense.

If you are on probation and get charged with a misdemeanor will you violate probation when you get charged or when you get convicted?

if you are on probation and get violated with a drug charge what is the jail time you are facing also you had a warrant for your arrest.Added; You will probably be "violated" at the time you are arrested and charged. They're not going to let you stay out on probation if you can't keep yourself out of criminal situations.

What are the punishments for theft misdemeanors?

Depends on the state, and what theft offense you are being charged with.

Johnson's impeachment failure?

Meaning that they charged him with " High crimes and misdemeanors" in office.

What will happen if you got in trouble before you got on probation but had to do for days in jail on your probation?

If you got into criminal trouble before you were on probation. You would be in jail and not on probation. Probation is for if you are not in jail. They can't happen at the same time.Unless, you are picked up while on probation, but that would be a violation of your probation which we would be very quickly revoked.Added: The question is worded very unclearly. Probation is a sentence for being found guilty of a criminal offense for which you were charged and brought to court.It is a very lenient sentence, but it IS a sentence nonetheless.If you violate the provisions of your probation you can be taken into custody for VOP and the judge will make a decision as to whether or not you will be punished for the VOP and, if so, in what fashion.If you re-offend (commit another offense while released on probation) you will have your probation revoked AND you will be charged with the new crime.

If someone is charged with a crime and the maximun penalty is for a year what is this crime?

In most states: misdemeanors

Is the president Johnson being charged with treason bribery or high crimes and misdemeanors?

Misdemeanors. Congress passed some laws that they knew Johnson would break.

What if you violated your probation and you were charged with evading arrest with veh?

see you when you get out.

Is there a statute of limitations for a probation violation in Texas?

Probation violations are not subject to a statute of limitations. You can be charged with the violation at any time.

Can only the arresting county charge you with probation violation?

If you are arrested for a crime in a different county, the county you're arrested in will run your record and discover that you are on probation. There's a very high possibility they will contact your probation officer, who will then recommend you be charged with probation violation. It is, also, most likely that a condition of your probation is to contact your PO when you're contacted by law enforcement. Not doing so is a violation of probation. The most likely result is that you'll be charged for the new crime in the new county, and charged for the probation violation in the county in which your probation office is located. Keep in mind that the probation office holds jurisdiction over the entire state; not just the one county.

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