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it was hard but this really worked for me:

1) every time you start thinking "awe, i have a little baby inside me" then just say in your head over & over "I'm not pregnant" slowly until you are thinking about something else (do this each & every time).

2) if your stomach is starting to "look" pregnant, start doing some exercises & eating not so much while telling yourself "i NEED to lose 10 pounds" or however many you want to lose, this way your mind is saying "extra pounds" vs. "baby" & your body is actually feeling it too this way, that its just pounds & not a baby.

3) the last thing that i did to stop my phantom pregnancy was to think about the reasons i shouldn't be having a kid right now. age (definitely too young), career (starting college), money (i don't have a cent to my name), could i give him/her what they need?

everyone knows that a baby is a miracle & if your experiencing a phantom pregnancy like i went through, even a period or a blood test won't convince you that you aren't pregnant & just the thought or sight of a baby makes every single cell in your body feel as happy as you've ever felt. but you've gotta look at it this way, everything happens for a reason. the man upstairs knows exactly why you didn't get pregnant & he has a really really good reason for it not happening [i assure you] so cut yourself some slack, ease your mind with those 3 simple steps, & remember that it will happen when it's meant to happen. if you just have faith in yourself, you can & will end this torture called imaginary pregnancy.

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Q: If you are experiencing a phantom pregnancy how can you reassure your mind that it isn't real?
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