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If you are guarding a shooter and you put your hand in the face of the shooter is this a personal or technical foul?


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2011-03-07 22:25:23
2011-03-07 22:25:23

if they dont touch them its neither, but if they touch its a personal

The above answer is incorrect. It is a technical foul at all levels through college to face guard an opponent (except in the NBA which allows eye guarding).


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The face is the proper technical term for itself.

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no its not as long as there is not any illegal contact

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no. no way acctually it is perfectly leagal to do that. as long as your hands dont make contact with the player shooting, you can do it all game long. in fact it is a good stategy to use if you are contesting a shot from a taller player. The first answer is correct. The second answer is incorrect. It is a technical foul to face guard a player at all levels through college. However, it is allowed to an extent in the NBA (eye guarding is allowed).

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