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hi i was put on clomid after 3 miss carriage's.i had to take my temperature every morning before getting out of bed to predict these days you can get a ovulation predictor test at any drugstore.i releasted 2 eggs only one took that resulted in my healthy baby girl.i lost the far as i know clomid can cause multiple births as almost did in my worked for me i'd say your chances of becoming pregnant are great.especially if intercorse takes place around time of ovulation.i'm on my 4th pregnancy now so far have 3 healthy girls.clomid made me fertile mertile.good luck

That is difficult to say. From what I know, and I am not an MD, just well-read, it only increases your chances if that is the dosage that causes you to ovulate successfully. In other words, if 50mg failed to cause ovulation then 100 may work or 150 or even 200. See, it depends on your body's response to the concentration of the drug, which mimics estrogen in your body. One thing I think is that higher doses may very slightly increase your chance for multiple egg release, ergo multiple births, usu. no more than triplets with clomid though.

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Q: If you are taking 100 mg of Clomid how much would that increase your odds of becoming pregnant?
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Isn't that WHY you are taking Clomid? Women take Clomid to try and get pregnant. According to my conversations with my doctor, you are NOT too old at age 47 to get pregnant. If your eggs are still viable (in good condition) then, you can get pregnant. I hope you were taking Clomid to try and conceive, if not, then why?

How fast do you get pregnant when your taking Clomid?

You may get pregnant the very first month using the prescription Clomid.

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course not

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They do not. Taking the pill decreases the chance of getting pregnant, but it is still possible to become pregnant on the pill.

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I was talking Clomid and Zoloft the first cycle and did not get pregnant. Talking more to my doctor she said to stop taking the Zoloft. The pharmacy says that Zoloft lowers your ability to get pregnant.

Does clomid work in men?

yes clomid does work i had a low sperm count i start taking clomid in nov 2008 and my wife got pregnant in feburary 2009. i have a baby girl now i am also taking clomid now to have another child so yes it work my doctor recommended me 90 day supply of clomid.

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can you be on an antibiotic while taking clomid?

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Yes pregnancy can happen in the first month while taking clomid

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I conceived whilst taking it, so NO. :-)

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