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This isn't a Boy friend; it's a sleepover. MOVE ON!

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Why were the 4 other people living in the secret annex invited to live there?

They were invited to live there by Mr. and Mrs. Frank.

Why was Lyda Newman childhood miserable?

Because, Lyda was living in slavery, but then escaped slavery and later on invited the new improved hairbrush.

What if your boyfriend just told you that he has a child and his baby mother is living with him what should you do?

Break up with him, because he is cheating on you.

There were hundreds of thousands of Germans living in German communities in the Soviet Union when it broke up in 1991 because?

They Were Invited To Resettle In Russia In The 18Th Century By Cathrine The Great

Is Jessie j living with her boyfriend?

No not really

What do i do if i am Living with legally separated boyfriend who dies?

get an alibi

Is Sarah Ferguson living with a new boyfriend?


Who is miley's boyfriend in the future?

NONE! She is going to be a sad cat lady living all alone because her career went down the drain!

If a woman moved in with her boyfriend but her boyfriend was shipped overseas but she is still living in his house would that be considered cohabitating?


Does paget brewster have a boyfriend?

Yes Paget Brewster has a boyfriend. She is currently dating and living with Steve Damstra.

If you want to kick out your boyfriend living with you in Texas what do you do?

enlist the ghostbusters

What does Cher Lloyd's boyfriend Craig Monk do for a living?

He is a hairdresser.

What does Janes boyfriend do for a living in 27 Dresses?

writes wedding collum

How do you get rid of boyfriend not on lease and not supposed to be living with me anyway?

call the cops.

Can an iglesia ni cristo member get expelled for living with their boyfriend?


If your boyfriend lives with you and you have custody of your children can your ex take custody if your boyfriend has been convicted of a felony?

It isn't automatic, but because of your living arrangement and association with a known criminal it certainly could be grounds for filing a motion to re-open the custody arrangement.

You cheated on your boyfriend and told him now you feel guilty?

it is better to be honest with the people you love even if it means to hurt them or yourself because if you dont you would be living a lie...

Can a 17 year old girl go live with her 18 year old boyfriend because she is pregnant and not happy living at home?

Not until she reaches the age of 18.

My daughter is 17 her boyfriend is 19 she moved out because i wouldn't allow the boyfriend to stay overnight she is now living with her dad and he is allowing sex anything i can do as mom?

you dont need to (this is just my opinion) let your daughter make mistakes of her own and pay for them on her own

If a boyfriend dumped you and started living with someone else should you take him back?

== ==

What does Janes boyfriend fiance do for a living in 27 Dresses?

Writes a Wedding column

Can you living in Sweden but not marriag but you have boyfriend liv in Sweden?

yep if you are over 18

What is the difference between an expectant boyfriend and a nonjudicial boyfriend?

An expectant boyfriend would be if you and your bf live together and you are expecting. Non-Judcial BF means that you are living together not married and you arent pregos.

Why you call living being as living?

Because its living...

Can you take your boyfriend to court for child support if he is living with you because he don't have money to support your 2 kids because of 2 other child support cases?

If he is the biological or adoptive father of your two children, yes, you can take him to court for child support. But if he is just your 'boyfriend' and has no other biological or legal relationship to your children, probably not.

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