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If you just bought it and ask the police to check it and then it turns out to be stolen, in all likelihood you'd be in no trouble at all; you're just trying to verify the gun is clean. If it does turn out to be stolen, however, the police have to confiscate the gun, so you'd be out whatever you paid for it unless you filed a civil suit against the seller.

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How do you find out if a bike you bought is a stolen bike?

I you consult that bike to the nearest police station and you will find out that your bike is stolen or not.

Want to find out if the Smithwesson 22 pistel i bought was stolen?

Go to the police and have them run the sn. If it was reported stolen to the police it will be in the system

How can you find out if a pistol you bought is stolen?

check with your local police department or state police. they can check it........

How do you know if the car you just bought is stolen or not?

Contact you local police department. They can check and see if the car is stolen. You better get this taken care of immediately and find out for sure.

Where can one find stolen credit card numbers?

It is not recommended for someone to find stolen credit card numbers. This is a serious crime that can put an individual into trouble with the police and possibly years in jail if convicted.

How do you find stolen Dodge Dakota?

Police dept.Police dept.

Where online can you find out if a gun has been stolen?

Probably not online, but any local police station can run the serial number and tell you. If it did turn up stolen, you wouldn't be in any trouble, but you would lose the gun.

How do you find out if you are in trouble with the police?

Call your local police station and just ask them.

Do police look for stolen cars?

Yes. They look for stolen cars so they can find evidence to who stole it!

How do you find your stolen registered firearm?

After you report it to the police, you wait and hope.

What happens if you buy a stolen motorcycle from a dealer?

You get charged with possession of a stolen vehicle I believe. If you knew it was stolen when you bought it then you are handling stolen goods (or a similarly fragrant nosegay of legalspeak, depending where you live) and the police will be keeping a close eye on you and they will be very interested in you. If you did not know it was stolen, then the motorcycle will be confiscated and searched so they can try and find out who had stolen it and where it came from. How you then get your money back, if at all, depends again on where you live.

Where would I look to find out if a firearm is legal according to the serial number?

Contact your local police. If it has been reported stolen to the police they can find out.

How can you find a website to find out if a pistol you bought is stolen?

google seems to do pretty well, either that or try speedypete

Is a Bernina with the serial number 0084058301 stolen?

If it has been reported stolen, you might be able to find out by asking the police to run the serial number.

Your car has stolen or your car has been stolen?

Many online websites allow you to check if a car has been stolen or not. At stolen car check will help you to know these details.

How can you check if a Subaru Car that Ive had your eye on has been stolen or not?

You must go to the police station and ask them to find out where the car is at the present time by giving them the number plate of that car. The police should automatically find that car, this was you will know where it is and if it has been stolen or not.

Can you get in trouble for having marijuana in your house?

Yes. You can be charged with possession if the police find out.

How do you find stolen car?

Call the police. Post pictures of the missing car on Facebook or on the internet.

How do i find out if a ipad i brought is stolen without getting into trouble?

Buy a new iPad from authorized dealers and get a receipt. That is the only way that you can avoid getting into trouble.

How do you check a serial number on a gun to find out whose name it is in?

You can't. Contact the police if you believe it is stolen.

How do you find out if the gun you purchased is in fact stolen?

Contact your local police and ask them to run the serial number.

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