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If theyre smart they can try to send a message to that person. If there is that option then they didn't block you. If there isn't a message option than they blocked you

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If they try to go on your profile and view their tweets then they won't be able to. They also won't be following you any more. These signs will tell them that they have blocked you.

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Q: If you block someone on YouTube will they know?
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Why if i block someone on youtube they can still see my channel and reply to my commets?

If you properly block a Youtube user, they will not be able to see your channel or reply to your comments.

If you block someone on YouTube can they still send you private messages?


Can someone get their account deleted on YouTube if enough people block them?

I don't think so.

When people block you from their askfm how do you know?

When you ask someone a question on how do you know if they block you?

What is a friend compared to a subscriber on YouTube?

A friend on YouTube is someone you know. And a subscriber is someone who likes your content that you upload, and wants to be notified when you upload videos.

How do you make it so people cant subscribe to you on youtube?

You cannot disable this feature. If you don't want someone to subscribe to you, you can block them.

What is a power block?

i dont know what the heck is a power up block so ask someone else

How do you know when someone blocks you on their cellphone?

it will say block or on their voicemail they will be swearing at you.

What is a power up block?

i dont know what the heck is a power up block so ask someone else

What to do when YouTube is block?

If YouTube is blocked, then you may use YouTube on your mobile phone or the YouTube Kids App. Some schools and parents may block the main YouTube website due to potentially offensive content.

How you know that someone hide you on facebook?

You can't know. For the person's sake they block you from being in any of their posts ect..

Why is YouTube unavailable?

There are a few reasons. It is usually available though. They block there site from certain countries. Schools block youtube, as do public web access areas.