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Q: If you bond yourself out of jail and miss court can you get it back if you turn yourself in?
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If you bond someone out of jail can you change your mind and cancel the bond?

Yes, but for the bond to be canceled the person must go back to jail before their court date.

Why can a bond stipulation put you back in jail when haven't even been to court yet?

If the conditions of bond are violated then the bond can be raised or revoked resulting in incarceration.

Do bail bonds keep you out of jail?

Sort of, they allow you to be out of jail while waiting to be tried for a crime. They are a surety that you will appear in court. However, once convicted and sent to jail by a court, a bail bond will not then keep you out of jail. Also it is at the court's discretion weather or not to allow you bail and if a bond is required, to set the amount.

If you post bond to get out of jail do you get that money back when you go to court?

Not at that time. As long as you are allowed to be "out on bond" during the course of the trial, rather than held in jail, the bond will remain in effect. You will not be able to get your bond returned until the case is concluded and you're are found either guilty or not guilty.

if someone is under house arrest & violates house arrest & is put back in jail & bond is revoked what happens to bond cash ?

In Georgia if a bond is revoked you lose that money and the offender will be taken back to jail until the court date. If the judge happens to decide that bail can be posted again on their behalf the bond amount will more than likely increase.

Can you sign yourself out of jail?

In the US, if the arraigning judge assigns a PR, Personal Recognizance, bond, then yes, in a sense, you may "sign yourself our of jail."

What Does 200 CS Jail Bond Mean?

A $200 CS Jail Bond typically refers to a bail bond amount of $200 set for release from jail for a civil or criminal offense. The bond amount must be paid to secure the release until the court date. Failure to appear in court may result in forfeiture of the bond.

If you are out of jail on bond how long does the states attorney have to file felony charges against you in Florida?

Huh? Somethings missing from this question. If you're out of jail on bond, you MUST have been charged with something, otherwise how did the court know what to bond you out for?

There is a warrant for your arrest because you assaulted your mom im 17 and got thrown out from CT now in MA when you go back 2 turn yourself in pay get court date will the police make you stay in CT?

They will issue a bond in court. You will be released on bond. But you will have to appear on the court date they assigned you. Failure to appear, will breach the bond that was set. another warrant will be issued. But this time, if your caught, there is no discussion. You are arrested if caught, and you go to jail. End of story. Post a bond with the court, and show up when they say to. You will have whats called a "prelim exam," with the prosecutor. Chances are your charges will be reduced to something less. Probation, fines and court fees. No big deal.

What will happen if im on 4 10 probation and you missed court and the judge put out a no bond warrant for me?

it means you will be in jail until your court date

What are the penalties for doing drugs while on bond how long can they hold you in jail for it can a judge request to see you a day before your actual court date?

The bond can be cancelled if you are on bond and you are still doing drugs.

What is the maximum jail time for bond revocation?

3 to 6 months depending on the crime. For instance failure to go to a probation meeting, can be 3 weeks or up to 3 to 6 months in the state of texas.. The bond is revoked and the person in jail stays in jail until their court date.