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It depends on what state you live in. There are lemon laws that require dealers to offer a certain warrantee like 30 days or more. Some states have a law that says the car is yours even if it breaks into 2 pieces after you drive it off the lot (WA State). So you really need to check the law. If there is a transmission problem and it is covered under their warrantee, then have it fixed before the warrantee expires. * All 50 US states have "lemon laws" that relate to new and used car purchases. Information can be found at: Car Lemon Com, American Lemon Law,

2006-09-05 17:24:30
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What type of transmission oil do you use in 2000 Honda odessy?

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What happens if you return a car you have recently purchased because it has had many problems but you do not want another car?

You can only return the car if it's brand new and is a lemon (under your state's particular Lemon Law) or if the car is used and the seller made an express gurauntee that the specific problems you're encountering did not exist, which would have been a lie. For example, if you asked about the transmission and the seller told you it was a top working order, only to find out that it was shot. Otherwise, you as the buyer are solely responsible for having the vehicle inspected and knowing what you're buying. There is no contract cancellation or return policy on autos. * State lemon laws for the US can be found at, Lemon Car.Com

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