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No, I dont think you would need to have a licence for buying a airsoft gun but it may vary in what state you live in. I buy all my airsoft guns from

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Q: If you buyan airsoft gun online do you need a license for it?
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Can you get a license for airsoft guns in NYC?

yes, you can and need a license to own an airsoft gun in nyc.

Do you need a license in New Jersey to have an airsoft gun?

You never need a license to have an Airsoft gun.

Do you need a license for an airsoft gun in nz?

No, you do not need a licence for airsoft guns in the US.

Is there a special license you need in NH to have an airsoft and or paintball field?


Do you need a license for a air gun?

No but You Have to be over 18 for most airsoft guns.

What weapons license do you need to buy an Airsoft Pistol in Australia?

Your Mum needs to give me a bj

I want to buy airsoft gun is this need license?

It would depend on what state you live in ... but in most states you would not need a license ot own a softair gun ...

Do you need a License to shoot Pellet guns in the Philippines?

What kind of pellet guns? Airsoft or airgun? Either way, you don't need to have a license. For an airgun, i think you just need to register from the store you bought from.

What weapons license do you need 2 If you need one at all to buy an Airsoft Pistol in Australia i live in Tasmania?

u don't need one

Do you need a license for a hk416 air soft gun?

In general, no, However, the requirement for ANY kind of license for ANYTHING depends on where you live- and you did not share that with us.

Do you need a license for an online store?

No, no you do not

Is gun licence needed for airsoft guns in western Australia?

Yes - airsoft toy guns are federally classified as firearms in Australia, so you will need the same license as for a lethal weapon.