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That phrase is from the Twilight Saga!

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Can a snake live forever?

Nobody could say definitely, since that would require someone to live forever to observe if it died.

What would life be like if you could live forever?

'Live forever' means immortal, which means you can do anything! Life will be the best!

If you could live for ever.tell me what would you live for and why?

If I could live forever I would live for my friends and family and the most important person in my life; my girlfriend Georgina :) Because I just don't know how I could live without these people, they are the structure of my life :)

Why could the greek gods live forever?

The Greeks believed that their gods were immortal, which means they live forever

Could a tree live forever?


How could you live forever?

live long and not get sick well try not to

Can penguins live forever?

If the penguin finds an eternal potion then it can live forever. On club penguin you could probably live until the site closes.

Is it possible to list all the multiples of 9?

yes and no yes, but it would take forever multiples are infinitive never end) no, no human could possibly live forever

Can bats live forever?

no they can't, nothing can truley live forever, otherwise the world would be over populated with bats

Can a platypus live forever outside of water?

Platypuses do not live in water, but they need water in which to find their food. They can live indefinitely out of the water, but would die within weeks if they could not feed.

How long did wizards live?

there are no such thing as wizards and if there were they would probably live forever

What did Greek gods value?

Power,and the fact that they could live forever.

Could you live forever on a diet of alligator eggs?

No. If a human was going to live a healthy life on just one food that food would have to be breast milk (from another human).

What would you do if you was to live forever?

i would date Edward Cullen fo sho

Do vampier's live forever?

they can live forever...until they get killed

In Tuck Everlasting why did Angus tuck shoot himself what was the result?

Tuck shot himself to see if he would live forever. He survived he will live forever.

Can any unfurry animal live forever?

No animal can live forever so my answer is No No unfurry animal can live forever A furry animal can't live forever either Sorry

If you get bit by a reptilian will you live forever?

No. There is no way that you will live forever.

What animal can live forever?

The immortal jellyfish can live forever :)

In the Bible how long did God say man could live?

forever, because jesus died on the cross for us. So we go to heaven, and we can live forever with God. (this is in God's opinion)

How did Zeus survive?

Zeus was an immortal god; hence, he could 'survive' or live forever.

If you took oxygen to mars could you live there forever or not?

yes if it was everlasting but no because its freezing

What kind of jellyfish can live forever?

Turritopsis dohrnii can live forever

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