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Yes it will

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โˆ™ 2017-09-02 15:18:01
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Q: If you don't inhale will weed be in my system?
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Is it possible to inhale weed and have it in your blood system?


Dose weed get in system by being around it?

depends on how much you inhale it

Can weed get in your system by smelling it?

No. A smell is just a smell. It will only be in your system of you inhale the smoke or vapor or if you eat it.

How fast can you get weed out of your system?

Dont smoke it

How do you get high smoking weed weed?

you inhale it and hold the smoke in as long as you can

If you were smoking weed but did not inhale will you pass a urine test?

yes you can because cannabanoids attach to fat so if you dont inhale you probably will pass and also if you are around smoke it will not make you fail.

Will a hospital report weed in your system?

Dont be so silly

How long weed stay in mouth?

until you inhale.

If you smoke weed and don't inhale does the THC still get in your system?

yes it does i no it sucks but some THC still gets in your blood stream.

If you smoke weed but not inhale would it still show you your urine?

Nope.P.S. Stop wasting weed.

Does water clean weed out of system?

No , water will not clean weed out of your system. Weed is a terrible drug , and is one of the most dangerous drugs. Weed is a life waster! Weed will stay in your system for a long while and could cause many illness's and side effects. SIDE EFFECTS - vivid colour , breast growth in Males , head pounces and much more. DONT SMOKE WEED. DONT WASTE YOUR LIFE!!

Can you get weed in your system from second hand smoking?

I'm pretty sure if you inhale enough second hand marijuana smoke, then yes. So be careful.

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