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Q: If you don't smoke marijuana and you kiss a marijuana smoker immediately after they smoke could you experience dry mouth?
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What does a marijuana symbol mean?

It could mean many things; * the person who wears it is a marijuana smoker * the person who wears it supports the legalization of marijuana * it's a fabric made with hemp fibers * it's food or oil made with hemp seeds

What is the prefix of smoker?

There could be several prefixes for smoker: ex-, anti-, and non-.

What is Prefix of smoker?

There could be several prefixes for smoker: ex-, anti-, and non-.

What happens when you drink ammonia?

You would experience horrible pain, and then die unless you could get to a hospital immediately.

How long after you smoke marijuana can it be detected on a urinalysis test?

Depends on frequency and quanity of use. If you aren't a regular smoker and smoke one time it could be out of you system in 24-48 hours. If you are a heavy user, smoking daily or more it could take months to completely be out of you system.

Could you tell if someone is a cigerrette smoker from their urine?


Can you get a job but be a heavy smoker?

yes, but i guess it could be dangerouse.

Ingredients in marijuana?

There are no ingredients in marijuana. Marijuana could be used as an ingredient but you don't put two things together to make marijuana.

Does Bradley Cooper use Dipping tobacco?

No. Bradley Cooper is not known to be a smoker to us, but he could smoke privately but our answer is a no.

Can you die from marijauna?

It is possible to die from anything, including marijuana. If the marijuana is laced with something, that could cause problems. If a person smokes marijuana and then drives, they could get into an accident which could cause them to die.

Could you drink marijuana?


Can doctors predict death of smokers?

Yes. They could observe how many packs of cigarettes a smoker smokes each day. Then, they could find out how long until lung cancer takes over and kills the smoker.